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Thread: Enzof9 Aquarium

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    Smile Enzof9 Aquarium

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    Hi everyone, this is my 90 gallon fish tank.

    This tank was actually setup for a while (6 months or so), I just haven't gotten around to actually making a journal. It's a second hand setup that came with an Eheim Pro 2 (2028) filter, the 90 g aquarium, a glass canopy, Eheim Jager heater, a 45W light fixture, stand, gravel, and a box of other assorted useless and useful goodies. All for about $250 from a person looking to get out of the hobby a town away. Funny thing is, it came with about a half inch of water at the bottom and about 9 or so chiclid babies (have no idea what kind) in it. Since I had no intentions of keeping fish which get bigger than 4 inches in length, I took them to a LFS and gave them for free.

    Currently it is stocked with: 7x Guppies
    1x honey gourami
    11x swordfishes/platies
    2x bosemani rainbows
    9x neon tetras
    11x Red Cherry Shrimp
    3x Albino Shrimp
    And sadly, about 50 or so pond snails

    Plants include: Java Moss
    Amazon Swords
    Dwarf Saggitaria
    And more

    Smiley barf!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default More Pictures!

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    Just what the title says...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Even more Pictures

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    just a few more pictures
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    You have done a Great job with your tank, I like it a LOT You got a heck of a deal for all that you got for $250.00

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    I know, I couldn't believe the deal myself! Thank you for your kind words !

  6. Default

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    Very nice deal! Everything looks good, plants are growing in nicely
    Empty 125g sitting in my shed
    55g Freshwater Tropical Community
    29g Convict Fry Growout Tank
    10g Freshwater Planted Tropical Community
    5g Freshwater Planted Dirt
    2.5g Ghost shrimp tank

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    Thanks everyone, the best thing is that this tank is ultra low tech with only a single bulb (not even T5) and a dirt medium capped by about an inch and a half of gravel.

    Funny how the guy at the pet store told me I was wasting my money buying all those plants and not having a "T5HO, CO2 supplemented setup". I love proving people wrong!

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    Hey everyone, I think i'm going to begin adding some more fish to this tank. It feels so empty.... i'm open to any and all suggestions.

    PH: 7.2 and temp is maintained at 26 degrees celsius.

  9. Default

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    Your boesmani rainbows look just like mine - blurry!

    They are great fish, they just won't hold still. I would bump the number of rainbows up.
    125g - 6 Zig Zag Rainbows, 6 Turquoise Rainbows, 6 Boesmani Rainbows, 5 otos, 6 corys

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    I know, tell me about it, they NEVER stop when they see a camera.

    I'll keep adding more rainbows as an option.

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