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    Default Smallest pet tortoise species?

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    So now I'm curious.

    I don't know enough about them all.

    What is the smallest, easiest to keep, pet tortoise available?

    ...and I know it's not that teeny tortoise from Africa (Speckled Padloper)...apparently it doesn't do well in captivity...
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    Check out the Hermann's tortoise or Greek tortoise. Both species of Spur thighed tortoises.
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    Looks as if Scottishfish has persuaded you...
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    LOL...don't tell him.

    I'm not ready for more pets at the moment. I'm de-petting as my kids are growing up and moving out...

    ...but (here comes the but)...if a rehome ever came my way...I'd have to reconsider...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 5 Fancies, 2 Dojos
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    I do apologise if I've gave you the bug for tortoises but wizzle is damn cute! He/she is a hermanns, there is an eastern and a western variety, many books have slight variation on final size, but one of them grows to 20-25cm and the other 10-15cm so not pretty big. The vivarium I have is 3ft long and that's pretty sufficient for wizzle.
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    LOL...I've always had the just sparked it again.

    There's no way in heck I would have a larger species because I just wouldn't be able to look after it properly. But a very small one might be manageable (care wise).

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeonflame
    Check out the Hermann's tortoise or Greek tortoise. Both species of Spur thighed tortoises.

    Which is easier, in you opinion? Or which is more available on the pet market.

    It's been a while...and I've seen tortoises for sale here...but for the life of me, can't remember what species they were...larger ones I think...
    55 g Goldfish Tank - 5 Fancies, 2 Dojos
    25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed

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    I wish I could keep a Galapagos tortoise, but that is impossible.

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    Not to hijack this thread, but can someone please explain the difference between tortoises and turtles
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    "the difference between a turtle and a tortoise is more of a matter of semantics than a strict scientific separation. Colloquially, both biologists and laypeople use the word "turtle" to mean all chelonians. In general, the reptiles referred to as turtles live in or near the water and have adapted to swim by holding their breath underwater. The reptiles referred to as tortoises typically live primarily in arid regions and are built for storing their own water supply and walking on sandy ground.

    From a biological perspective, a tortoise is a kind of a turtle, but not all turtles are tortoises. Tortoises occupy their own taxonomic family, called testudinidae. All types of land and aquatic turtles come in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. Sometimes, the name "terrapin" is used to refer to an animal that falls somewhere between a turtle and a tortoise. Terrapins live in swampy areas or begin life underwater and eventually move to dry land."

    Just get a Galapagos and let it roam the property! lol Paint some mean looking flames on it so it looks really fast, and tie sharp spikes to it's shell. As well as other deterrents to trespassers.
    Last edited by Aeonflame; 03-17-2012 at 03:57 PM.

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    My posts may be rather biast due to wizzle :p but over here hermanns are pretty easy to gt hold of
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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