I guess I am doing things right. My Manderin is thriving and the corals all seem to be doing well. I removed all the mechanical from the bays in the rear of the tank and loaded them with live rock scraps I got from my local Salt joint, Marinescape in Ottawa. I also added Macro algae and a single LED over the central bay. The copepods are non stop all over the tank. For scavengers I have a bristleworm (yes i've read the pro's & cons), a sifter star, 1 conch and some hermits as well as a cleaner shrimp (LUV this little guy) who molted last week. Sadly, these pics do not do the tank Justice...



I have to figure out how to get a more lifelike photo with the gear I have. I plan on getting a top of the line Canon in the near future. That my help?