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  1. #141


    0 Not allowed!
    But the more filtration the merrier!

    and the more work the more fun eh?
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  2. #142


    0 Not allowed!
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

  3. #143


    0 Not allowed!
    Oh yeah, this thread.
    I went to the house today for a few hours, took off the plastic covering, and inspected.
    It's very thick glass, I believe to make up for lakc of a cross brace even tho its in a wall.
    Its really pretty xD
    For now, we are abusing CL to get stuff out of here... and I claim as much as I can for the tank.
    Sadly, we only have $150 from CL and I will bet my dad/mom will cough it up.

    I have been looking through the architectural plans, and its confuzzling. I don't get plumbing/draining. Its next to a bathroom
    Pics for you guys when I can ;D
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  4. #144


    0 Not allowed!
    I have $540 as an aquarium fundvright now.
    I'm thinking about the tank, and the bosemanis and the plates don't... fit as well as I would think....
    Either way, my dad brought up a good point, long story short I'm plugging the overflow and using an fx5.
    4 t5ho daylights is the lighting plan.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  5. #145


    0 Not allowed!
    I have been... Lurking... for a fish for the top layer.
    Ta-Da! Marbled hatchetfish. They really fit the buck. I just need to provide a "tight fitting lid".
    Speaking of a lid, I have been mulling it over and figure just to get a place to cut glass into desired shape and I will fit it on... But won't 987.5 square inches of glass be... Well, heavy?
    Either way if I do cut the glass, this is my plan:

    I am loving the look of amazon frogbit, I might use it.
    What an adventure!

    25 neons
    15 harlequin rasboras
    10 sterbai cory cats
    20 marbled hatchetfish
    2 BN plecostomus
    (debatable) boseman rainbows
    (debatable) rummynose tetra
    1m3f platy - idk if I have something to eat most of the fry..
    10 yoyo loaches
    Centerpiece? All of them school...

    P.S. Thanks Dave66!
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  6. #146


    0 Not allowed!
    Scratch glass plan- a stroke of genius hit me!
    So I ruled out glass versa tops because of the simple fact there wasn't something between 52 and 64 inches, as 48" is too short.
    I calculated 1/2 inch glass would be too heavy(40lb) and I would lift it a lot! Where can I get architecturally planned glass anyway?
    through my astounding problem solving skills I came up with-

    Those white things are removable shelves- such as:

    Order of stocking:
    Harlequin rasboras
    Marbled hatchets
    If applicable, bosemani rainbows
    Yoyo loaches
    Considering a few male guppies, some spastic bursts of color...
    Order of buying stuff:
    Driftwood(will add existing rocks)
    Water changer
    Lights(1st set)


    Opinions? No one posts much in this thread...

    Probably cause it's 15 pages and nothing has happened yet. My countdown is until we have interwebs, are more settled down, and ready to take on 166g of pure joy.
    Last edited by PhillipOrigami; 05-03-2012 at 03:07 AM.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  7. #147


    0 Not allowed!
    Just a quick update to all people that read this, dont post, and don't count as a view(hint,hint):
    tap pH=6.9-7.0.
    also, $1020 in funds as of now just for this one... Hooray.
    Buying stuff tommorrow.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  8. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    That fund should get you well started if you can find some deals. I dont know where you plan on buying everything, but I get almost everything off the internet (amazon and drfostersmith).

  9. #149


    0 Not allowed!
    Amazon first, due to prime.
    I am buyin a bit of DW+glass top of seacorals due to huilariously low costs. Although for high shipping costs. Next day air costs twice the order or so.
    And dirt-shipping costs 30. :P

    For the marbled hatchets, though, I need to buy off liveaquaria, only place that stocks em. And they are out of stock and have been, for 3 months.
    Good thing about lfs: they sell aquariums under 75g or so dirt cheap.
    I'm going for a 20g QT.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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  10. #150


    0 Not allowed!
    Yay! I have internet xD
    Expect very long updates.
    Right now I am thinking of how to plug the overflow so marbled hatchets won't jump into it and dry out-do you know a place that supplies and cuts glass?
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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