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    Question Odd albino cory behavior, please help

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    I've never had a cory catfish so I don't know if this is normal or not- I have one albino cory with 6 neon tetras in a 29g tank. The cory seems active enough sometimes but at other times I'll find him/her just lying around on the gravel barely moving for long periods of time. I don't think it looks stressed, but is it normal behavior or could something be wrong?? Also, I don't think I've seen it eat once! He'll go around like he's searching for food and pass right by food that's just fallen to the he's blind or something (I'm sure he can "smell" it right?) What can I do to get him to eat? Should I get a couple more corys to keep him company? I read they're better in schools but I was trying to not overload my tank for now as it's fairly new setup and still cycling. Thanks!

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    Right I think there are several things that you need to correct to get the best out of your Cory.

    Firstly they are schooling fish, in the wild they move around in numbers exceeding 100. But in the aquarium trade for some odd reason a school can be classed as around 6. So I would suggest that geting more would help.

    Yes they sometimes do just sit around so don't worry, only worry if they are sitting with very laboured breathing.

    Food wise what are you feeding it? Cories are carnivorous and must be fed correctly. A firm favourite in the aquatic trade is sinking shrimp pellets.

    I would also make sure you have large plants and caves as cories like to hide in the dark and in shaded areas.

    I just read that your tank is cycling, bottom feeders are at major risk in a cycling tank, you really need to keep up those water changes, buy no more fish untilo cycled.

    Hope this helped a bit. ScottishFish
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    +1 to SF, also make sure your fish isn't lethargic or fat. May want to feed him some peas.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    Thanks for replying! I have been feeding flake food and whatever the neons miss, I thought he would grab up. I just recently did a google search and read the sticky on here about corys and realized he needs the shrimp pellets, so going out to get some tonight. I will also pick up a couple more corys as well to keep him company. Stick with the same species right, the albinos? Or will different species school together? Can't remember what I read now... anyway, thanks again for the info. I will start giving him the shrimp pellets and friends and see how it goes :) As far as the tank, I have pretty hard water (well water) and have buffered it with a powder lfs recommended...dropped it a little but is very stable. It doesn't seem to affect the fish, they are healthy looking and stress free and the neons are already looking like they're growing or I'm crazy :) Also tested again last night and no ammonia or nitrites, very low nitrates. Will keep up small water changes.

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    Oh I also have the tank well planted for cover and a large and smaller sized natural lava rock "cave". The cory seems to prefer hanging around the bottom of plants or depressions in the gravel.

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    MLBfan, that's a tapir in your picture isn't it??

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    Yes it is,
    My favorite animal.
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    That's cool :) Have seen them on animal planet and baby ones in the zoo, very cute!

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    Good news- went to my lfs today and got some sinking tablets made especially for catfish and bottom feeders. Tossed one in and turned off the light. My cory, once he finally found it, is eating it up!!! Once the neons caught the scent they started hovering around it as well, but the cory doesn't seem to mind too much. I feel terrible, can't believe this whole time I was feeding him incorrectly. :( At least I've got the right food now. Thanks for the help!

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    We all make mistakes sometimes but thats what the AC is for. Asking questions is the way to go.

    Remember dont get more cories until your tank is cycled. :)
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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