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    Default Odd Meowing From my Cat

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    My cat has been doing so many wierd things these past two weeks. Hes 14yrs old, so its not like he is learning new tricks or something. He suddenly begs for food and jumps on tables to get to it. He stares into the toilet if someone flushes it or even just leaves the lid up when hes in there. He tries to drink water from my fish tanks. He recently this weekend finally realized fish are food and tried to eat my one betta during a rearranging of his tank, which he has never done before. And the absolute worst thing he has started to do:

    Meowing. NON-STOP!!! He has always been such a quiet, calm cat. When he starts meowing its like an alarm clock that is stuck on, even if you unplug it it keeps beep beep beeping away.... We desperately search the house for anything he might want. Water, check. Food, check. Treats, silence for about 5 minutes. Taken outside on his leash, another 5 minutes of silence. Petting, meows while u pet. Holding him, he runs away and continues to meow. He shows no signs of pain, he just will not stop.

    From 7am when he wakes me up by pawing at my face and meowing until 11pm when i stuff my head under pillow to attempt to drown him out, he meows. I just wish i knew how to make him stop! Here's a blacked out video of him meowing the whole way from the other side of the house. That's how loud he is. What do u think his problem is, or do u have any suggestions to make him stop?
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    I can only offer something I've heard of, but not experienced myself.

    If your cat is getting old, he might be losing his hearing. An acquaintance of mine owned a deaf cat, and evidently it meowed all the time as well as a sort of security blanket. It doesn't understand why it can't hear, but when it meows, it gets a response, plus I guess they feel the vibration of their own meow. But if yours is just in the process of losing its hearing, it won't understand whats going on and will be confused/fearful, and maybe trying to hear the things it used to - like the toilet flushing etc. Maybe take him to the vet to see if that's it?

    Just a thought, for the most part, no one ever knows what a cat is thinking... :)

    Good luck finding out what the problem is.
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    that might be it, he doesnt respond all to alot of sounds anymore, except yelling and high pitched things.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  4. Default

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    at that age a lot can start going wrong. he might be in pain, even if you think you cant tell. for him, meowing might be his way of showing you he is in pain. a trip to the vet should be in order.
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    My cat does this. I've come to find it's kitty alzheimers basically. Poor guy basically forgets where he is.

    The best thing I've found for this issue is using the Comfort Zone diffuser. This has almost solved the problem. He still wakes me up some nights with his yowling but for the most part he's a lot better.

    The other thing that really helps is not changing his environment. God forbid I put out the sofa bed, he has a fit and yowls in the night every night until things are back to normal and he can find his way around.

    Might be time for a vet visit to see if your kitty is just going through some cognitive changes.
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    ok thanks all! My grandma refuses to take him to vet so i guess ill save up and we'll go get a check up soon. Hes due for his shots anyway.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  7. Default

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    if your grandma refuses to take him to the vet he should honestly be re homed to someone who will, does your grandma know how long cats can live for? I have seen a childhood cat (none of our cats growing up lived a full life span due to commerical pet foods, was a friend of the family's cat) that lived over 23, senior cats are difficult if not impossible to place. Have you tried to talk to your grandma about the cat and its needs?. Is money a problem for her?

    Drinking water is SERIOUS, it could be signs of kidney damage probably due to a dry food diet.

    I don't mean to harp or sound mean but the cat needs to see a good reputable vet.

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    I had a whole list of experiences as to why i kind of agree with her that the vets around here are pointless to go to, but i deleted it because it was huge. Lets just say one is constantly contradicting itself, one forgets he is a vet, and one tricked my grandma into buying stuff she didnt need, and made stupid mistakes almost killing my cat twice. Im better off doing most of it myself, seeing how i am going to be a vet anyway and i know a lot about different common things.

    Dont worry, i dont allow him to get dehydrated, i've now since this time closely monitored his drinking to make sure he is finding it okay and drinking. :) Due to the fact that he always is instantly better when the vet does absolutely nothing to him, my grandma thinks he is faking it for attention, and if he isnt looking in pain for at least 2 full days she refuses to spend any more money. I agree with her unless he shows outward signs of pain or limps, though he has limped his way to an expensive vet bill before to walk out fine as well...

    Edited for grammatical errors.
    Last edited by ekfishlover2011; 03-10-2012 at 11:19 PM.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  9. Default

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    Have you thought about adopting the cat yourself and allowing her to check on it/have play dates visits/ect. I'm sure she would love knowing that someone cares and that when she passes the animal will not be simply put down in a shelter. If others are taking advantage of her it may be best for everyone involved, esp the cat.

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