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    Such a great week to have off from work! Working outside today brushing on Sikatop. Went to the dollar store for some inexpensive mixing containers and 2 plastic measuring cups.


    So far this is the first coat, and about 3/4 cup of the product used and it covered all sides (including the back.) The the directions call to mix the product by a weight ratio of 1:4, I asked my friend who supplied me with this. They typically mix up the whole bag and bottle, but for patching or touching up they mix it by volume ratio (this makes my life ALOT easier now!) Several things I noted once I did start applying the slurry was that:

    The product when thin basically the thickness of paint and shows a great amount of carving detail. Even the slice marks from the snap blade i used!!!
    I just went over it again with the brush and poof it was gone.

    It brushed on alot easier over the areas of which I used a heat gun to alter the surface hardness. I bought a brush kit at Michael's for $5 which I use for brushing the crevasses and a 2" brush for everything else.

    I thought I had removed all of the styrofoam balls left behind by vacuuming, I will fire up my compressor and use my air gun to blow all the lil pieces of the other half.

    When applying this the styrofoam becomes a little soft and easy to gouge.

    Since this is the first coat alot of the wetness got soaked up by the foam and drying quickly, leaving a nice hard shell coating. Ill be putting another coat on in a few hours then leaving it cure for 24 hours.

    So far I am liking how this project is coming about.

    I am shocked so far for how little I have used so far....hmmmmm maybe more backgrounds/structures in the future!

    Cleaning the brushes is easy as long as the product did not dry. I just used a hose

    What are your thoughts and or comments?

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    a few thoughts... first i like it. it looks good and natural. that being said on my current project i did probably 3-4 full layers and partial coats probably 3-4 more times. that being said i actually had to do more touch ups today even though its already siliconed in the tank... also i bought a black die and used different colors, thicknesses of mixtures because they all dry different shades which adds depth and a natural look... but some prefer the simplicity of one tome so your call...

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    Gmoses are you using concrete for your background by chance?

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    Painted the background using acrylic paints and some food coloring. Since acrylics dry fast under heat, I was able to use the heat gun to speed up the process and reapply paint hues over one another. First time i really painted something that was not a wall. Going to seal it with Krylon fusion clear and then waiting for my epoxy resin late next week to arrive.

    It's almost complete

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    yes i did cement...i like the color. very nice

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    BG is looking great, like the way you've carved out the detail. I've just started getting together all the materials to start my own project, It's harder than I thought!
    will be keeping an eye on yours to get some more tips ;)

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    Nice job!!!

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    Wow so cool! I'm so going to try this for my new corner tank!

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    Such a great idea

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    I was just thinking about a few "shelfs" in my larger tank, I think I found how I'm going about it now. AWESOME BACKGROUND going to make a corner peace I think......

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