Set up a 55g about a month ago. Has a bio sponge and a penguin 330 for filtration. Fluval heater and two air stones. I have made many caves and the tank is designed using the slate and plants to create 3 "territories". All the fish are quite small currently, largest is an Oscar that is 1 and half inch long. There is also one firemouth, 1 dempsey (the current boss of the tank), a flowerhorn, a jag (very small), a black convict (second in command of the tank) and a marble convict. This tank will be used as temporary housing for this group and after the move in the fall, they will be placed in a 200+ gallon tank. I used water and some gravel from the 29 gallon that has been set up for about a year now to aid in the cycling of the tank. I have a breeding pair of dempseys in a 29 gallon tank, male about 5" and female about 4", they will then be moved into the 55 gallon tank. I have a whisper 30-60 filter and a penguin 170 filter on it. I have a very small pair of marble convicts, less than an inch, in a ten gallon tank that will then be moved into the 29 gallon tank. The ten gallon will then be used to rear shrimp to use as feeders for the various fish. The ten gallon has a penguin bio-wheel filter, 170, and a bio sponge filter. Of course there is a heater in the tank also. I have a ten gallon tank that I keep running to use for a hospital tank. All the tanks have standard lighting, nothing special, but in time I hope to improve to the newer lighting systems.