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  1. Talking SunSchein89's 10 gal. planted journal

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    Well I figured I'd hop on the band wagon and start my own aquarium journal. I've been saving up pictures so I can see how my plants are growing. I'll probably post updates every two weeks to a month or something like that if I can get on a regular picture schedule. I'm currently on day 34 of having plants in the tank. I started with two plants: Wisteria and Argentine Sword and have gotten a good few since then. The list now comes out to:

    Wisteria (Hygrophilia difformis)
    Argentine Sword (Echinodorus argentinensis)
    Tropica fern (Microsorum pteropus)
    Broad leaf sagittaria (Sagittaria platyphylla)
    Anacharis (Egeria densa)
    Dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis)
    Red wendtii (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
    As well as two mystery plants that came in a bunch

    And here's my current live stock list:
    (5) Harlequin Rasboras
    (1) Dwarf frog
    (1) Dwarf puffer
    (1) Otocinclus catfish
    (1) Male Betta, red
    (2) Snails

    And of course what would a journal be without pictures...
    I'll start out with a progression of pictures from day 1 until now

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 6

    Day 10

  2. Talking

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    Day 12

    Day 16

    Day 23

    Day 30

  3. Talking

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    And, today, Day 34

    Today I bumped the school of harlequin rasboras up to 5 from 3, got a red betta, two snails, and my red wendtii. Still waiting on some java moss which has taken the store over two weeks now to get in :/

    And now some pictures of the critters...

    This was only when there was three of the harlequins, but I like how the shot lined them all up and focused on the middle one.

    Here's a shot of them attempting to lay eggs I believe. This was even when my tank was still cycling and had really high nitrites, which was surprising to say the least. I never did find any eggs, though.

    Here's my Oto sucking on my dwarf frog if anyone remembers this picture from my last thread. Luckily, he did finally stop messing with him so I'm keeping him in there and might end up with another Oto. It's a good thing, cuse I could not catch that little bugger for the life of me with all those plants and my other tank sitting right above this one.

  4. Talking

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    Head on shot of mah froggeh. Funny thing happened today. I was putting my new plant in and trimming up and moving some others around. First off, this frog has no fear; he was right by my hand pretty much the entire time and while I was trying to put one of my plants back in the gravel he just wouldn't budge so I tried to push him a little. The frog just latches on to my finger and starts humping it or something lol. I don't know exactly what was going on, but there was definitely some kind of pressure being applied. He was at least hugging me or something. It was actuaully really funny looking, and feeling :x

    Side shot of my puffer. I really like this guy, he seems to have such a personality and watching his eyes move around is pretty cool too. He seems to have taken a liking to messing with my snails I just got today which would probably explain where my other little one I got awhile back ended up.

    And one of him suckin up a blood worm.

    My new betta :). These guys are so cool looking. I have a blue one in my 20 gal. community above this tank. I know the puffers are little nippers, so I'm definitely keeping an eye on the two of them. The puffer hasn't bothered anything except for the snails I saw him picking at today, so they're on a probationary period. If nipping starts, one of them is finding a new home.

  5. Talking

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    That about covers my plants and animals for now. I'll just throw in a few more random pictures I can pick out. The rest should just be updates of plant progression or any new livestock I get from here on out.

    Not sure if you can see it with the picture being this small, but my dwarf hairgrass is finally sprouting up little hairs off of the main part! This is the second one poking out of the gravel I've found so far. I'm hoping it'll eventually carpet most of the bottom, but I'm not expecting any miracles either. Almost forgot a picture of a snail, so he's on here too. Of course he's on his side after my puffer knocked him over.

    First picture I got of my tropica fern sprouting some new roots from its leaves. It's actually done this on every leaf now and a couple have sprouted their own leaves out from the same area, so I'm pretty excited to see how that'll turn out.

    Nothing else too exciting I can find at the moment, so I'll just leave it as is. Thanks to anyone that looks/comments, it's appreciated. I know a 10 gallon planted tank with low/moderate lighting isn't the most groundbreaking thing put on this site lol, but hey it's mine and I like it.
    Last edited by SunSchein89; 03-20-2010 at 02:09 AM.

  6. Default

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    Well it's been 11 days since I last posted, figured it's time for a small update. I started uploading my photobucket pictures at 2x the size now too.

    Day 38

    Day 45 (today)
    Did a little trimming and cut and moved one of my wisteria stems that had some roots coming out of it. Eventually I want most of the plants to be spread out to look more natural and not just each plant has its own spot. I'm still constantly fishing out duck weed. I swear that stuff grows like a weed or something .

    And so you can get an idea of how far my tropica fern is getting. This leaf seems to be the furthest along, but a lot of them look similar to this.

    And that's about it for now... I'll keep the pictures coming as I take'em.

  7. Default

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    It's looking very nice. I'm surprised the dwarf puffer and beta and getting along. pretty cool to have them both in one tank
    10g- 5 diamond tetra, 1 oto, 1 albino BN pleco, 1 assassin snail and 2 blue shrimp. Heavily planted tank.

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Fish Man
    It's looking very nice. I'm surprised the dwarf puffer and beta and getting along. pretty cool to have them both in one tank
    Yeah I'm pretty surprised too, actually. I was almost counting on having to rehome one of them, but everyone is getting along fine in the tank. I'm still keeping a good eye on them, though, in case the puffer decides to get nippy as he gets bigger. The tank isn't really crowded at all and there's plenty of cover from the plants, so that might have something to do with it.

  9. Default

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    Ok, time for another update .

    I've since gotten a nice little clump of java moss from a reputable seller on Very happy with the value for the money ($6.99 including shipping), especially since I couldn't find the stuff anywhere close to me. Ironically, a day or so after I got the moss in the mail, the store I was waiting for a few weeks to get the stuff from got in several cups of java moss for sale in their plant tank . Umm... other updates: it's now been two months and a day since I got my dwarf frog and dwarf puffer in the tank. No nipping as of yet either . And, I just found some possible eggs on my glass; pics will follow. Anyway, time for pictures...

    Day 51

  10. Default

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    Day 59

    Day 66 (today)

    And a nice pic of what looks like eggs from my harlequin rasboras.

    A little further growth of my dwarf hairgrass. At this rate, I might have a carpet in maybe two years...
    Last edited by SunSchein89; 04-21-2010 at 04:21 AM.

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