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    Feb 2012

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    Default My black moor is a bottom feeder?

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    Hi, i have a black moor gold fish and ive had him for 2 days and ive noticed he doesnt eat flakes from the surface like the other goldfish. He swims around on the ground sucking on gravel and spitting it back out. He does eat some of the flakes that fall to the ground but is it normal for him to do it all the time?

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    it usually takes new fish a little while to figure out where the food is coming from. He'll get it eventually, assuming there are no other problems.
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    I think sometimes it depends on the fish. I've had black moors feed from the surface and then some that refuse to feed from anywhere but the bottom.

    Currently I have a redcap oranda that will only eat off the bottom. He/she's been like that since I got it as little thing, now it's huge!

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    I'd echo brhino, stick with they feeding and he'll catch on eventually.

    Goldfish tend to be grazers, so they'll spend most of the day sifting through the substrate. If you are really lucky they'll get in the habit of spitting mouthfuls of substrate into the filter - grrrr :-)
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    My comet refuses to eat from the top. Shes always eaten from bottom as well. But my male that i had for a while (also a comet) ate from everywhere. I think its a mix of personal preference and habit. Im just sure to throw some sinking pellets down there every two days because not many flakes make it down.
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