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    Default My 3 Arowana's Died

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    Dear All,

    It has been a very sad day for me and my family.

    We got ourselves 3 silver arowana's, new fish tank (fitted with pump and air pipe), heater...

    This is our first fish tank. As per the petshop, just fill the water, put the fish and all is great.

    8 hours later, all our fish were dead.

    Now I have been reading and reading on the web, that PH value is to be 7 and temperature to be between 26-30 (this was maintained).

    Also read about Ammonia, nitrate & Nitrite. What has to be be done if anyone can advise, I will be very helpful before I get another arowana.

    Where does one get ammonia, nitrate & nitrite testers ?

    Appreciate everyone's help.

  2. Default

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    Most fish are adaptable to ph.
    Fish need cycled tanks. If you click aquarium forum at the top of the screen, (I think this is in the beginners section look for a sub forum about cycling. Lady Hobbs has a thread in red (called a sticky) about fishless cycling. For ammonia when you're cycling I recommend ace hardware(you'll understand what I mean once you read the sticky)
    Hope that wasn't confusing.

    Arrowwanas get very big, and your tank was likely too small. What size was it?
    Silver arrowannas get 4 ft.

    A good test kit is API liquid test kit. Very accurate.

    Here is the link to lady Hobbs sticky
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    5.5 and 2.5 gallon
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    Angie R.I.P. 10/29/11

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    Firstly, read the thread on cycling as mentioned above. Second, you should know that a single juvenile silver arowana should be kept in nothing smaller than a 180 gallon tank. An adult needs a 300 gallon tank that is at least 3' wide.

    edit: 8 hours is a very short time to have died of ammonia poisoning in a new tank. Did you treat your water with dechlorinator before adding the fish?
    Last edited by Aeonflame; 12-11-2011 at 01:37 PM.
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    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

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    Declorinator? I see no mention of adding dechlorinator to the water. Did you?

    Your fish did not die due to toxic water conditions in 8 hours. Toxic water would have killed them in a few days, tho.

    You need to read on how to set up and keep a fish tank, cycle it, etc. It's not the fish stores job to teach one how to keep a fish tank but to sell them fish.
    And why they sold you 3 arowana's. Monster fish need monster fish tanks.

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    Dear Lady Hobbs, Aeonflame, fishrfriends,

    Many thanks for your advice. Highly appreciate your input.

    Tank size is 40cm x 60cm x 100 cm

    43 gallon / 196 ltr capacity tank.

    Yes you are right, the fish seller has no responsibility to teach me anything. I have learnt it the hard way. Feel very upset and sad about the lives of the 3 arowana's.

    Anyhow, When i posted this thread, I got a friend of mine who analyzez swimming pools to check the PH, Chlorine of the fish tank.

    At 0900 hrs - ph was more than 8.5 (his measuring device gradient stopped at 8.5) chlorine was nil.

    Dechlorination - wow i didnt hear this one. I will read the article about cycling and learn from there.

    in the evening i bought JBL testing kit. ph - 7, nh3 & nh4 were at the lowest limit. also checked the ammonia, this was at the lowest <0.05.
    All the while, pump was running along with the heater. thus could this be the reason that the ph changed since morning till evening.

    I filled the tank (tap water) on the 09th 2300 hrs (let the pump run), at 1400 hrs 10th I have put the fish in the tank. first fish died at 2300 hrs. Other two died thereafter before 5 am next day.

    Till now, the pump is running. no plants, only a few rocks at the bottom.

    How does one treat water for dechlorination ? And when should i put fish inside the tank now...?

    appreciate your feedback.

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    It is good that you are taking the time to research instead of just going out and buying more fish. Research should be the first thing done before undertaking the care of any animal.

    Firstly, you need a filter. An air pump does absolutely nothing to maintain the water quality of your tank. Once you have a suitable filter, read the information on cycling here:

    If you are using tap water, you will also need to buy a dechlorinator like API tap water conditioner or Prime. There are other brands available. Just follow the directions on the back. use this whenever adding water to your tank or doing water changes.

    When you have completed the cycling of the tank, only then should you go out and buy more fish. This time, you should get fish suitable for the size of your tank. This means no arowana.
    Last edited by Aeonflame; 12-12-2011 at 01:14 PM.
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    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

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    To dechlorinate, you need to buy water conditioner (I do not know what brands are available in your neck of the world) and add it to your water before putting fish in it as well as anytime you add new water to the tank. It comes in a liquid.

    If you are able to purchase pure ammonia (ammonia that doesn't foam up when you shake the bottle) and read about fishless cycling, you need to be at the end of the nitrogen cycle before you add fish - it is not as easy as buy a tank, buy fish, put fish in tank. You need to make sure that the fish you choose are appropriate for the size of tank you buy...once they have grown. Running the tank without putting it through "cycling" won't prepare it for fish.

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    Dear Aeonflame / andreahp,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Shall look up the dechlorination liquid today itself.

    When you say that no arowana, is this cause my tank is small ? another thing i want to ask is, does one need a longer (width) tank or a higher tank is suitable ?

    The smallest Arowana which we get here is about 3 inch in length. is my tank of 100 cm suitable for it ?

    Only tanks available here are 100cm, 120cm and than 150cm wide. other ones are 100 cm wide and 150 cm in height.

    Await your advice.

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    When looking at fish for your tank, you must look at the adult size of the fish. The fish you bought were babies, and so they looked ok for your tank today. However, they will grow far larger than your tank can handle. That's why folks are saying you cannot keep arowana in your tank.
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    When you buy fish, you need to look at their maximum size, and not the size they are when you buy them. Silver arowana grow to three feet long, and need a tank that is wider than they are long, and over twice their length. This means you would need a 300 gallon tank.
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    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

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