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  1. Question Getting 3 Bettas, Questions!

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    Hi I currently have some baby africans that I am keeping in a 20 gallon. Me and the lfs have a deal that I bought 7 africans from him and then he would take them back when they got bigger.

    So I will take them back tomorrow and I have got 2 tank dividers on hold from 2 pet stores. Soo my plan is to split the tank evenly into 3 and then have three bettas so they are seperate. I have a fancy 200 dollar marineland canister filter for my tank so I think it will be well filtered for them. I have a heater and thermometer etc.

    Here are my questions as follows: 1. How can I choose a healthy one? what should I look for? I have seen some that have like whitish scales like they have chalk on them or something. idk If that is normal? I though they didnt look healthy tho.

    2. I have New Life Spectrum pelleted fish food. Can I use that for them?
    3. My tank is a 20 tall so should I keep it at its full level of water or let it go down a bit like 4-5 inches because I know they are labyrinth breathing fish.
    4. I have a starfish bubbler. will that be hard on them?
    5. My filter has some water flow but its not ridiculous, wiil that matter for them?
    6. Lastly does this sound good??

    Thanks for any input :D

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    What fish are you talking about, mbunas?
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

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    splitting it into three sections would only give them a section about 6.5 inches wide. in my opinion that is a cruel thing to do to a betta. im not sure how other members may feel on this situation but IMO the bare minimum a betta should have is a 10 gallon tank. the smallest tank i personally have and will ever keep a betta in is a 20gal long.

    if you absolutely want more than one betta in there you could just use one of the dividers and keep two bettas. that way they wont be cramped and you could get two.

    have you thought about one betta, no dividers, and make a tank centered around the betta?

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    Divided tanks with bettas is a bad idea. I've heard horror stories of them jumping dividers and one male killing the other. I attempted a divided setup and luckily was there when the more aggressive male got through the divided and attacked the other male. I was able to separate them before too much damage was done. I'll never try it again.

    I agree with just one Betta in the 20. At most you could do two, but again I wouldn't risk it because of the above.

    The canister is likely going to create way too much current. A bubbled/air pump is definitely out, in combination with the canister.

    I.would use a specific Betta pellet, not the leftover cichlid food.
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    I have done a divided tank successfully, it was a ten divided into two but after further reading on this type of set up, I wouldn't recommend it.

    I personally do not believe that a Betta needs a whole 10 gallons to themselves, and I have had bettas that have thrived better in 5 gallons than 10 gallons. Some of mine appreciated the space and some didn't.

    But I would still only recommend one male Betta in a tank like the others said. Good luck! Bettas are awesome fish.
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    Its not that bettas need 10 gallons to themselves, kindof like a cat could spend its whole life in a small room in your house, as opposed to roaming your whole house, and be fine . for me thats my thought on it.

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    I kept a betta in a filtered/heated 5gal... Personally i wouldnt do it again but id consider that bare minimum.

    As already said they can thrive in 5-10gal. But id like to see more people keeping them in larger tanks... It seems people think you shouldnt keep them in anything bigger than a 10gal lol

    A single betta in a 20gal would be great.... They really do act differently with the extra space. Iv kept betta's twice in a 20gal. One was with other fish, Im really getting tired of seeing betta's in tiny tanks. I think having another betta to look at through the glass would just stress it out.

    Here is an example of my old 20gal betta community tank. Betta's can be pretty active when given the chance!!... and most betta's can be kept with community fish in a 20gal.
    Last edited by -Alex-; 02-25-2012 at 08:11 PM.

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    thanks for the input everyone. :) I have seen 3 bettas in a split up 20 tall before, thats where I got the idea. Those fish thrived and werent stressed out as they had space to roam and rarely saw the other bettas.

    I really think given their ancestors were "puddle" fish they will do good in a 20 split up. They really do have space, in my opinion they have it way better than they could. I think that as long as they have perfectly clean water, food, hiding places, and all the other things they need they will do great in a 20 split into three.

    I bought 2 today. One crown tail and one red regular kind. They are soo lively now that they have space to swim! They are so gorgeous! I watched them for a bit more than a hour and they dont pay any attention to each other. They were aggressive to their reflection in the glass(I had a black background) so I took the background off so that they wouldnt be stressed. I really think that they love their new environment, they were checking everything out and flitting here and there. I put the outtake for the filter against the mesh and it has baffled it so now there is barely any current. I turned the bubbler off too. The food I had for the chiclids wasnt chiclid food and I asked the lfs if I could feed it to bettas and he said its good for them.

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    Got any Pics of the new betta's?

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    Their ancestors did not live in "puddles." They lived in rice paddies, which are quite large.
    "The Dumpster Tank" 26g flat back hex - Bolivian rams, Checker barbs, Harlequin and porkchop rasbora, neon tetra, SAE, otocinclus

    "Mini Mbuna" 20g long - 1 M. pulpican, 1 M. joanjohnsonae

    "Electric Blue Acara Tank" 75g - Giant danio, tiger barb, Bristlenose pleco

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