I just found out that my LFS can order zebra otos for me at relatively reasonable prices. I have to purchase a minimum of four, which isn't really a problem.

I'm leaning towards putting them in my 26g tank because it's viewed the most (it's upstairs in the living room) and, more importantly, it's much more mature than my 20g. I thought I'd ask here for opinions, however.

The tanks are both well planted with sand substrates (Seachem Flourite in the 26, Estes in the 20). Temp is around 74-75*F in both tanks. Stock is:

2 Betta albimarginata
7 Corydoras panda
3 Corydoras leucomelas
6 checker barbs
6 pork chop rasboras

10 corydoras habrosus
4 celestial pearl danios (going to up this to around 6 or so)
22 dwarf rasboras (maculatus and merah)