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    i think its kinda funny that they suggest a net as materials needed to house a betta in this thing. How is the net getting in the lemonade glass? Doesnt look possible, unless maybe it might fit in vertically, but then they wont catch anything. lol
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    ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! For lack of better words.

    To add to the horribleness -- it will sell for $150 plus s&h! WHAT THE ?????????

    They passed funding 16 min ago. :-(

    As bad as seeing a BETTA bowl at walmart today that has no filter or heater (nor room for either) and is just a fancy fish bowl with LEDs and it says 'other appropriate species - platy, white clouds, danios," and something else I forgot now but I almost through that freakin piece of junk! It angers me. Once I saw a "My Littlest Petshop" themed 1 gal that showed a picture of 2 MALE BETTA's together in it! No divider. I thought "OH GREAT! Some kid is going to see that and grab it and the fish thinking they can do it." Then they do those aweful vases. Ok, bettas can survive without a heater if in a warm location, granted. But no filter? So wouldn't that me that the poor fish goes through ammonia poisoning after every water change? ahhhh
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    Betta's can be kept in an unfiltered aquarium, IF a ridiculous amount of skill and care is taken. Unfortunately, this is a level of skill usually not possessed by the young new fish keeper.......... whom such set ups are marketed towards!

    That is why I would never suggest a Betta to a new fish keeper, ever. If I do, I recommend a filter and heater, and all the normal tropical set up. Most just will not fathom, nor have the patience for a planted monitored tank.

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    I actually prefer to keep my betta off of a filter since the water flow is a nuisance given the long fins.

    That being said, the water has to be changed every 2 if not 3 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homemadepopcorn
    I actually prefer to keep my betta off of a filter since the water flow is a nuisance given the long fins.

    That being said, the water has to be changed every 2 if not 3 days.
    You can always baffle the filter with a sponge somewhat, or get a filter without such a heavy flow, Fluval Nanos have a nice adjustable flow that doesn't bother my Bettas.
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    These products will continue to be successful because the mentality is "I love the way a betta looks, but I can't justify having a full sized tank, filter, and heater all for one fish." Solution - keep them in a cup!

    It's rather ironic that a betta's ability to survive in poor conditions is actually it's biggest problem. You don't see anyone doing this with cichlids because it would last maybe a day. It's also unfortunate that many people view them as an ornament or decoration (I've heard of them being in the vases on tables at wedding parties) instead of a living thing.

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    If bettas are kept in properly sized tanks, the filter flow is usually a non issue. Bettas kept in tiny tanks (under 5g) have nowhere to escape filter flow.

    There are plenty of filters where the flow can be turned way down (Duetto is one) or flow can be cut a number of ways including stuffing the filter full of sponges, etc.

    In the end, the stress of an uncycled tank or 100% daily water changes is a lot higher than a bit of flow from a filter, IMO and IME.
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