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Thread: ADF Woes

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    Default ADF Woes

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    I've kept ADF's for quite some time now, I target feed every other day to make sure they are getting what they need. "Squishy" a female, we've had for over a year and a half, plump, active and hilarious.

    However, five baby frogs have died on us, all the same way. Four in the tank with Squishy, and one in my daughter's Betta tank. Both of these tanks are cycled and WELL maintained. They get weekly water changes, (25%) I use Prime, the filters are rinsed in removed tank water all the parameters are perfect. PH 7.2ish, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0-5ppm depending on how close it is to water change time. They are target hand fed frozen thawed blood worms, and once in a while freeze dried. They also enjoy leftovers of the fishes Omega One foods, and nibbles of the snails algae wafers. (if the snail lets them get anywhere near it, that is :)

    As noted, Squishy is fine, plump and happy, and has actually survived a ph and cycle crash from a power failure, twice! We have tried five babies, and all end up with the same problem.

    They will be fine for one week, then suddenly, become buoyant, and have a hard time getting to the bottom. Once this happens, the rest is extremely fast. Suddenly their back legs wont move, then one arm, then the other, then, they just "float". They are not bloated, it isn't dropsy. They look entirely normal, except they are dead. From buoyant to dead, is usually a day to two days!

    Four of the babies came from one Petco, the same one we originally got Squishy a year and a half ago. The other, we drove four towns away to another Petco, same thing, even in a different tank with my daughter's Betta. He died yesterday, only having started floating that morning.

    I'm heartbroken, truth be told, and so is my daughter. We love these little guys, and I know they are best in small groups or pairs, as they like company. However I'm terrified to even attempt this again, first, because I can't handle another loss, and second, I don't want to expose Squishy to whatever this is.......... because if I harm that frog my daughter will kick my sorry rear end!

    Anyone have a clue what's going on? I was pretty sure I was relatively experienced in dwarf frogs, but this has me entirely baffled.

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    Is it possible they are eating the substrate? Depending on the type it could cause intestinal blockage. Some, if not most ADF will try and eat anything. Even their own feet.
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    No, its not the substrate, I had considered this too, but the gravel is far too large for them to get into their mouths.

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    Do you feed alot of blood worms by chance?
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    Yes, bloodworms are the staple of their diet. Is it related?

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