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  1. Default Betta fish food lol

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    I have a male crowntail betta, Larry Nacho Cheese Brat Fish, who i found out looooves feeder guppy fry! but now he has taken a liking to the cory cat's pellets...Larry is totally living up to the 'brat fish' part of his name. there is plenty of regular Betta flakes and freeze-dried bloodworms for everyone to eat but is it ok that Larry has added bites of these pellets to his diet as well?

  2. Default

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    I don't think the pellets will hurt him, but I hear that bettas get constipated easy so watch out on the fry feeding
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    10 gal empty ~ someday Betta
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  3. Default

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    luckily Momma Fish is done having babies...we had re-homed the males guppies last month and the 'tween' guppies that we kept appear to be female.
    but thank you i didn't know. Larry apearently could less about pooping lol.

  4. #4


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    Depends on what the ingredients of the cory cat's pellets are made of. Generally, Betta's are carnivores, and should have "meaty" foods. Too much vegetable matter could lead to their digestive distress, but none at all will contribute to constipation.

    If the food in question contains "meaty" products and say, some spirulina it should be okay. If its an algae wafer, it could damage your bratty fish lol... especially if he goes to town on them regularly.

  5. Default

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    Be careful.. bettas have a tendency to overeat, its a very common cause of death.

    Many sinking carnivore pellets are not good for bettas because they are designed to swell in the water. If the Betta gobbles a pellet and it swells after he eats it: bad news.

    It's one of many reasons I don't keep cories and bettas together.
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  6. Default

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    Mine nibbles on the sinking catfish pellets and the algae wafers when they get dropped in (originally for the corys, now for the snails/shrimp). Doesn't seem to bother him, but neither actually swell. They just start to disentegrate as they soften. He also nibbles on the emerald entree when it gets fed...herbivore food, so helps with any constipation issues that might arise like the peas would.

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    I usually feed my betta first and he mostly leaves the rest of the food alone long enough for it to get to the bottom.

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  8. Default

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    my betta nibbles on my frog food and my algae wafers occasionally. He learned not to, because the frogs dont like people eating their food, and the pleco doesnt either. But it doesnt seem to hurt him when he does. Just yea, watch how much he eats of it, because you dont want him to overeat too much.
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  9. Default

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    hello and thanks to all that have posted about Larry my betta eating the julii cats pellets. I've come to accept that Larry is livin up to his name, he's just a bratty betta lol.
    Dali and Groucho's pellets do disintergrate, so i'm good there. Larry and the guppies do eat first (flakes and bloodworms). i actually drop the pellet while everyone else is eating. maybe he's just checking it out to make sure he's not missing out lol.
    again, thanks for your responses

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