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    0 Not allowed!
    So ive had this ornament for like a year. A little big for a 36gal. Got it from a friend. I wanted the other half, but he didnt know where he got it and he didnt get the back half. Well, after a year of searching, i have finally found it, and plan to get it for my new tank. :)

    One i already have:

    I learned today that it came with plants! I never saw them. I added that red one myself. Nice silk plants too. :)

    Part two that im getting from Petco, complete with all the plants its supposed to have:

    Yay! About time! Also i did my measurements and yea, the 25ft will be plenty for my Aqueon Water Changer. Its only 12ft from my tank spot to my kitchen sink. So now i know that. This weekend i can buy my sand and water changer and then when i buy my black neons i can buy my new ship piece! 3 more weeks to go!
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    got my sand today. Aqua Terra Natural Tan Sand for freshwater aquariums. 6-5lb bags. It looked about right in the cart. I guess we will see once its all together and in the tank. Might end up having to go buy more if its not deep enough. But in cart it looked like it would fit about 2 inches high in a little under half of the tank. Other half will have all of my gravel from my 36gal tank. As you can see from pic of the ship piece, i have a good amount in there. :)
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    6 more days!!!! O the waiting is killing me! Im such an impatient person. Well, my mom and i have both been planning our tanks out full force this week (shes getting a 55) and shes doing it same way as me. She has all of her spring water in crates of gallons of water stacked in her hallway, she has the black version of my stand, a hood, the light, ornaments, plants, and lots and lots of gravel. She got like 6 different colors of gravel. So much for her "more natural" tank set-up. A skull cave, purple, blue, brown, black, green, and pink gravel, fluorescent plastic plants...

    Mine is going to be mostly natural looking. I believe that ships sink in oceans and fish go live there, so i think my ship is natural-ish. Everything else is natural. Heres my floor plan:

    I didnt finish drawing it up yet actually. Ill put it in next post. Its all in my head though. Fully planned out. Mathmetically arranged so that it will all fit. Picture wont be to scale, im a bad drawer. But u get the idea from it.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  4. #34


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    Finished it. I dont know whats going in the gray spot yet. Dont have an ornament for there yet. Green spots are fake plants.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  5. #35


    0 Not allowed!
    I bet that it will look nice when set up. I think that the gravel and the sand will start to mix. I would just use gravel OR sand. Another posibelity is to pre mix the gravel with the sand since it will eventually happen. I know that you are excited about this. I can not wait to see it set up.
    Lots of tanks. Some tanks are planted. Fish include community and bettas.
    2 Dachshunds. Angel (Red) and Cookie (Chocolate Dapple).
    Shiny Things and Beauty the rabbits.
    RIP Princess and Max the Dachshunds, Tiger and Ping Pong the rabbits, and all the fishes from when I was a newbie.
    It is Ldoerr NOT Idoerr.
    Black kitten named Midnight that was found 10/29/12

  6. #36


    0 Not allowed!
    O i know it will eventually mix, but it wont too bad based on the color splitting i had done with gravel previously and in past experiences as well. The line will be blurred probably about 6 inches in the middle if goes as last time i used that setup. I found an ornament for that gray spot today. Went to some place up in the mountains where my grandma's friend lives... $84.99 just for a 14inch snag ornament!! I decided to just browse his local walmart instead that doesnt sell fish but does sell supplies. Got this pretty thing for only $18. :D

    And i got those bulb things that are supposed to grow rapidly so that i can have pretty plants in 15days... Anybody have experience with those? I dont think they will survive in main tank but if they start growing by this weekend when i go to get live plants for betta tank they wil go in there and save me a good amount. Apogneton and Dwarf Lily. The Apogneton flowers pink and white it says! :D I got like 7 bulbs of that in one package. The lily i got one tiny bulb and one giant one.

    Will a crab be able to climb out of the water on a plastic plant, or will it weigh to much and fall down? I really want a crab in my new tank.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  7. #37


    0 Not allowed!
    Nice tank that ship decoration is really neat. I've never had success with those bulbs before. They never sprouted for me and would just rot. I have a friend who got them to grow though in her betta tank. I think it's a hit or miss but betas really seem to like them.

  8. #38


    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks! I love it. It was soooo hard to find!!!

    Yea i tried the bulb thing once before and it just got moldy and i removed it. So this time i have a sunny window spot to grow it out in with no fish to mess with it and fertilizing it regularly. If it doesnt work this time i give up lol. Figured it would save me money on my betta tank if it worked, since this time it came with like 6 bulbs in one box that said background plant and 2 in the other that said pretty plant, and if not then i know to just give up on them and buy the already grown plants from the store. :)

    EDIT: I recounted all the plants in my house instead of just the ones in my 36gal and betta tank. I realized not only did i miss one in the betta tank and 2 in the main one, but i forgot the ones in my bucket! I have 11 loose plants, not 6. Plus all the ones attached to my ornaments. So i edited the tank setup diagram, adding my new log ornament, rearranging slightly because driftwood next to log is kind of repetitive, and added all of the plants and a new 22inch one. Also wrote on the picture info on sizes of stuff so that you can imagine the tank from front instead of top and see the swimming room it still has. Here is the new diagram, drawn with lots of approximation, lack of drawing skills, and nowhere near scale:

    Last edited by ekfishlover2011; 04-10-2012 at 12:56 AM. Reason: Remembered i was going to add more
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  9. #39


    0 Not allowed!
    Impulse Buy Alert!!!!

    Sooo... Nobody answered as to whether or not crabs can climb plants. I had a problem with betta tank heater (diff post for that) so i had to go buy a new one today. While at the store i was browsing ornaments for large ones. They sold the one they had. :( Then i browsed the driftwood aaaaaaaand...

    Giant frickin stick! I couldnt walk away from it, it intrigued me so. Even tho it was a lot of money to pay for a stick, i bought it. Its too big for my sink and my soak bucket thing, and i saw a bug in it when i was buying it, so i had to soak it in the tub to drown the bug. Are crabs smart enough to climb this to get out of water, or do i need something even bigger?
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  10. #40


    0 Not allowed!
    I think I read somewhere from another post in here that crabs do climb and need air. Just do lots of research so you don't drown any crabs

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