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    Default 75gal Dream Tank Starting!

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    So ive been saving up my money and we've been looking out for everything, and its all comin together full force now!!! We found the stand i want at Petsmart. Looked everywhere for one, it took so long. This is the one im getting. Im getting it next Friday!! :D This is what the stand will look like:

    Ive read all these reviews for it, one stating it sucks, one stating its okay but it broke after not even 18 months (and in the review speaking of moving it with a tank on it... Hmm, wonder why it broke) and a whole bunch of reviews about it being a great stand easy to assemble and it lasts long (one person has had it over 3 years so far and still good). Since there are so many good reviews and only two bad ones, im assuming those two are wrong.

    Ill post pics when i get it and start assembling. That should be fun! We decided exactly where its going too, so we are all ready! now we just have to wait for the tank sale in April!
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    nice stand! i always take reviews with a grain of salt. with mass manufacturing you are going to get a few products with defects and murphys law says they will go to people who love writing bad reviews lol. with furniture though, a lot of times it is user error when putting it together. nice find!
    Link to my Journal: patinthehat's 50g journey
    50g-11 neon tetras, 749 billion pond snails, 3 Bristlenose Plecos, Red Cherry Shrimp, and assassin snails on the way!

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    Yeah!, a new journal!

    Looks like a good stand.
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    Thanks. Oooo im so excited that somethings finally actually happening with this plan! Ive been saying since like November that i was going to get the tank, and just waiting for the right time to go for it. Now only thing i worry about is that it is going to suck catching my fish on transfer day! Especially the loaches. Black Kuhliis. Ugh they are so fast...
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    That's a beautiful Stand! Looking forward to seeing how everything progresses

    What fish are you going to get besides the loaches?
    10 Gallon: Planted Red Cherry Shrimp
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    30 Gallon: Planted Bolivian Ram Tank

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    Its going to be a mixed tank. Im just putting all of the fish i have in my severely overstocked 30 and putting them in the 75. Some arent completely compatible, but they are all friends in these squished conditions, so they should be even friendlier in the larger tank. I have:
    a pair of dwarf gouramis
    a female gold gourami (i call her the peacekeeper)
    4 bloodfins (getting 3 more in new tank)
    a danio (hes leaving soon)
    a bleeding heart that i want to get rid of but my grandma says "its my fish, and i want it!" so i said fine
    a black neon that nobody around here sells anymore so ill give him a school of neons that are as close as i can get
    4 mollies (3 females 1 male) im getting another male when my mom's mollies have one and i have new tank, and i have 4 more baby females around my house
    a male guppy (two females will be added in new tank)
    the loaches (two atm, adding 4 more in new tank)
    2 nerite snails
    a comet goldfish that has lived in tropical water for we have actually calculated 5 years so far and still thrives

    I know it sounds bad that i continue to keep them in the 30, but i just cant get rid of them knowing that i will have room in another month. They've lived horribly for so long i figure the extra month wont kill them. I wasnt very knowledgable before, and im taking steps to becoming a better fishkeeper. Im on top of water changes 50% twice a week. Lots of work. X_X Another reason ill be glad to have new tank. And my grandma refuses to let me get rid of the goldie either. The 75 is big enough for him according to size chart. :)
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

  7. Default

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    i have that stand (i think) and it really awesome. it was pretty easy to put together but the thing is heavy, mine weighs close to 100lbs. other than the shelf and sidewalls to the shelf its all solid oak which is nice because i dont normally trust aquarium stands

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    I think the guy at the store said its all particle board. But it looks like oak, and yea, id say prob at least 100lbs.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    So today was crazy. Yesterday my grandma gets impatient waiting for the call saying my stand came in. So she calls Petsmart and gets customer service, and the one girl says "Top Fin Oak Stand, no, we dont have that coming in for another 3 weeks." But the guy said its coming in this truck. "Well, the one we are getting is black." I dont want black. "Well then you have to wait three more weeks." Fine, so i cancelled all my help and everything.

    Then this morning, i get a call. My oak stand came in! And it was oak, not black. Well, now all my helpers made other plans, so i dont have anyone to help me. Sigh.

    So finally at 6:00 i gathered all my helpers back together again and now i could go get it (doesnt fit in my car, thats one helper). When i get back its 6:30 and we start assembling with my other helper. Well, it is now 10:06, and im finally done. That thing is the hardest thing i have ever put together. X_X Ill put the pic of the finished product in next post.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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    Default Step One: Buy/Assemble the Stand

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    Mission Complete!

    Most of it was super easy to do. But when it got to putting the top slab on... 2 hrs!!! I didnt get the filter i was going to get today yet. Ill pick that up after church on sunday, look around at That Fish Place's selection. Once im done with that im going to move that 10gal that is peeking in the corner over about a foot against that other wall not in the pic, so that i can center the stand in front of the window. That's where the tank's going to go. Nice and pretty. :) Til then, back door is immobilized! Muahaha! No escapees.
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
    10gal Tank- Glofish
    75gal- Everything

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