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    Quote Originally Posted by darla_robe
    I got two at the same time. Just because I was adding them to a tank with other species and I wanted the transition for them to be as smoothly as it could. They are always by each others' side but they also socialize with my other fish really well.
    I hope you aren't saying this as advice, unless the 2 were being added to a larger group of clowns, in a large tank.

    Like others have said, your tank is far too small for clowns. 1 needs over 90g, and since they need a school, you're looking at hundreds of gallons.
    Please don't reply with something like, well he is happy and healthy. That's what every noob in the hobby says, unless they are visibly in dire. (Not saying you're a noob, but it's evident no research was done).

    If it's a Rainbow redfin shark, you definitely only should have 1. Randomly one day, the more dominant will devour the other(s), no matter how peaceful they are now as juveniles. Many people don't understand how fish can drastically change during maturity, the most peaceful fish can become the nastiest over night. Every once in a blue moon you hear of some one keeping a full grown aggressive species that is extremely docile. Just like humans, each fish is different. Some people grew up defending themselves and see every other living thing as an enemy, while other could have been raised in captivity for generations housed with community fish. Just never know
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    Your clown loach will be noticibly happier with the addition of at least one more right now.They will easily accept more buddies later even if they are not the same size,they realy enjoy each others company.I think maybe even up to 4 would do okay in your 55 gal. for a few years because even though they grow rapidly when you first get them ,their growth slows down mid-life,they can live up to 50 years and it could take 10 years to get over 6 inches.A 10"clown loach is a very large clown loach and had to take 20 or more years to get there.They are active fish ,but not active like bala sharks that need more swimming room.They are one of the fish most suseptible to ich so I wouldn't suggest buying newly arrived fish and check closely for white spots or flashing,keep them at 80 degrees.Make sure you feed them something meaty like blood worms.Their antics make them one of the most enjoyable fish to watch in your aquarium.They will rest by turning over on thier backs espescialy as they get older.

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