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Thread: Barramundi

  1. Default Barramundi

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    Hi all new to AC. I have a barramundi he/she is about 2-2.5 years old, about 45cm in size.
    The thing i have noticed alot more lately is when i feed the fish, he/she is fine for about 5min's, than slows down a far bit sinks to the bottom and breaths very hard and fast, sitill will around every now and than, but the breathing is starting to worry me.
    Is this a normal.
    Only feed a few prawns every feed and occasionally feed him/her frozen peas.

  2. #2

    Default Welcome TO the AC

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    A few question:
    What are the water parameters( ammonia, nitrates, nintrites, pH, etc.?
    What is the tank size?
    What are you feeding him?
    How long are you feeding him?
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    Over eating perhaps? It doesn't take much to feed a 2 1/2" fish.

  4. Default

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    Hi ph is 7.2, other levels are pretty much 0ppm, salts 1.002 since day one
    This is a 4ft tank, Im feeding frozen/thawed bait-prawns, whitebait and every now and than a few green pea's from the freezer. I would feed i guess 3-4 3inch prawns, same with white bait every 2-3 days some times more, feeding time usually takes a few min, he's never off his food.
    Also lately he been snapping his mouth very violently, that bad its like his going to break the tank, the power in these fish is incredible. he's realy a cool fish, friendly for a killer.

    This only happens when he eats, next day his fine again. Im sure in the wild they would eat a hell of a lot more than what im feeding atm.

    Whale shark thats 2 1/2 year old lol, His about 45cm give or take
    Last edited by Darky82; 02-16-2012 at 02:05 PM.

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    Is the fish lethargic at all?
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    hobbs, he said the fish is 2.5 years old, not 2.5 inches. the fish is half a meter long which is a good size.

    what size tank do you have him in? are you cleaning up any uneaten food? these fish are massive beasts with a huge bioload. you could be underfiltered or he could just be getting too big for the tank. could also benefit from putting more oxygen in the water also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy
    what size tank do you have him in?
    It's says in Darky's post a 4 ft tank
    American League Champions! TIGERS!

  8. Default

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    Yeah he is a bit lethargic today still, still breathing heavy, bit worried now, i will try pump some more oxy in the water, filtration is ok, i have under gravel filter, 1000LPH canister filter and foam on the inlet. Also i was using a skimmer before just to help a little, but was not pulling all that much from the water. But is changed regularly

  9. #9


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    looks like a water quality and/or space issue. any chance of an upgrade?

    I would keep your gravel and water as clean as possible and think of ditching the ugf for something better.

  10. Default

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    Ok i will change the water over the next week, just found a half digested prawn on the tank floor.
    I was thinking of getting a UV lamp too.
    What do you suggest on a better filter.

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