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    Default DIY Sterlite Hospital Tank

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    My first ever DIY Video
    I call this tank, "Project Frankenstein"

    I came home today, was just wired. I had to occupy my mind while the caffeine subsided, so I could actually sleep. Well, my newest Swordtail had some fin nipped off and needed her own space to recoup, so I got out the Sterlite Container I've used before and built this in 2 hours. Just formed the plan in my head and put it together from spare parts, on hand (stand by) equipment, and miscellaneous materials.

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    Default Featured Products and Video Info

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    Sorry about the poorly pixel-ated video, it came from my Motorola Camera Phone. It's clear enough, to see what my tank is and isn't, so it's being used.

    Tank is a Sterlite Container customized to hold a HOB Power filter, air line tubing, and a biofalls homemade media tube.

    -Featured Products:

    Sterlite Container:
    Power Filter:
    Tetra 50 Watt Heater:
    JW Fusion 200 Air Pump:
    Needlepoint Plastic Canvas Sheet:
    Tork Intuition Paper Towel Dispenser Refill:
    Intake Strainer Customization:
    --Can sometimes get empty roll of this by finding a retailer that uses the Tork Intuition Hand towel dispenser, by politely asking for an empty roll, for a kid's school project or something.
    Last edited by bignellm; 02-16-2012 at 03:22 AM.

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    Post DIY Instructions

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    HOB Power Filter Customization
    Step 1
    Remove the extended portion of the tube, which would normally extend the siphon tube the mid level of the fish tank (also normally has the strainer part built right in—not a problem). Then place the HOB on the side of the tote carefully making note on how deep or long the remaining tube is. If too long, measure the excess and cut off slowly and carefully with a metal cutting hack saw.
    Step 2
    Take the Bobble Water Bottle Carbon refill and remove the strainer basket from the refill. Then pull out the carbon tube from the strainer. Wash the strainer and affix it over the intake tube. Last secure it with a zip tie. In addition, you can easily add a sponge filter over this strainer.

    The Biomedia tube and hanger assembly

    Diagram--click picture to blow up
    Step 1
    Using a pair of [(Heavy Duty Wire Cutters, Pliers w/ wiring cutting edge, Line Pliers) Use best judgement on which tool will cut the most safely] cut and straighten the coat hanger.
    Step 2
    Using a food grade safe lubricant (I used Vaseline) lube up the wire hanger.
    Step 3
    Slip the hanger wire into the length of air line tubing, and then cut the excess tubing off. {This will protect the wire from the evaporating moisture of the tank, thereby eliminating rusting}
    Step 4
    Using your best judgment and intuition of what shapes it will take:
    With the HOB Power filter in desired place on Tote, bend the wire into shape that will hold it over the edge of the tote and under the Power Filter. Then add the bends that will hold a spinning tube directly in the path of the water fall. Then add the last bends (the U shaped bends that will hold the pegs of the tube).
    Step 5
    Measure slightly less between the distances of the peg holders on the newly formed hanger, and use this measurement to plan the cut to the Needlepoint Canvas Sheet width wise. Then as your cutting, roll the canvas around the Tork Tube Tabs [these should already be popped out of the tube by either cutting the tube or prying them out with a tool (The black end caps of the empty Tork Intuition Hand Towel Refill)] This will take a little more intuition on your part, but stop cutting the canvas length/roll wise, when you have 2 extra square holes beyond what it would take to completely roll the canvas around the pegs (the extra overlap will become the seam). Last, make the cut that will remove the desired amount of canvas from the whole of the canvas, to later make the roll.
    Step 6
    Using a sewing needle, a short one, and some thread or fish line; roll the tube to the preplanned tightness, stitch the tube together along the overlap seam. On mine, this was a double seam and was reinforced with extra passes several times. This resulted in a durable and tight seam.
    Step 7
    Push the tabs into the tube gingerly. They should go into the tube with slight ease, but should feel snug. Then using a little of the lubricant, lube up the tabs that will ride in the U-shaped hanger bracket. Last, place the tube in the hanger.

    The Sterlite Lid Customization
    Step 1
    Measure the length needed to cover the space needed from the side opposite of the HOB filter and the area just before the spinning media tube. Then mark the lid with this measurement, via a black felt tip marker (sharpie works well).
    Step 2
    Using a hand powered hack saw/Tin Snips/Plastic cutters/or any similar tool {best judgment tool for safety} cut the lid along the line drawn.
    Step 3
    Using a power drill and bit, put a hole in the lid wide enough to push the air line through. Remove any burs of plastic from lid, then push airline through the air line hole and add the lid to the tank.

    Final Assembly
    Step 1
    Wash the tote and wipe out with paper towel.
    Step 2
    Install the Hanger and Tube Assembly.
    Step 3
    Install the Power Filter.
    Step 4
    Install the Air stone on the airline already placed through the lid, and then install the lid. Last, connect to the air pump. (The smaller the pump on this, the better, The Fusion 200 works well on this one—anything similar)
    Step 5
    Affix the 50 Watt preset submersible temp heater into the tank, suction cup down towards the base/bottom of tank. (This will act as an anchor and spacer)
    Step 6
    Fill with treated water. (De-chlorinator water treatment)
    Step 7
    Fill the HOB Power Filter with desired media and water, and then plug in all devices. I am using only Zeo-Carb to remove Ammonia. This equates to not needing to cycle the medical tank, but the chemical treatment will eliminate meds, relatively quickly; thereby making a different choice possibly necessary for parasite infections.
    Step 8
    Wait for water to come to temp, adjust the tube accordingly by bending the hanger slightly as necessary to maximize the tube spin in the water fall. (Tube also acts as a diffuser and slows water output from the pump—stops the river flowing effect)
    Step 9
    Add meds as needed and place wounded or sick fish into tank. Watch for stress and take appropriate reactions.
    Step 10
    If needed, place a divider into tank between fish and equipment. See Tank divider DIY Quick and Cheap DIY Tank Divider

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