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    Feb 2012
    Gillespie, IL

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    Default 30g livebearer tank

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    I've recently discovered where my old tank has been hidding. it's 30g tank and I want to stock it with livebearers. I've been reading up on platy, guppies, mollies and swordtails. From what I've read no matter which I chose I will have a huge population boom and I am hoping that the 30g tank will buy me sometime to save up some money. I am open to suggestions on decorations and such, I am planning on having some floating plants for the fry to hide in and not really sure about any others at the moment. I plan on having alternating types of food such as some high quality flakes and some type of meaty food such as bloodworms.

    Also I have to drive an hour in any direction to get to a town that has any type of pet or fish store (usually a petco). Anyone know of a good website that will give me some healthy/good quality fish?

    I'm defiantly looking for some insights here because I am still pretty unsure of a lot of the details. Feel free to tell me flaws in my plan and what you would do in my situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Instinct
    Also I have to drive an hour in any direction to get to a town that has any type of pet or fish store (usually a petco). Anyone know of a good website that will give me some healthy good quality fish?
    There are a number of good reputable sites check seller ratings (it's an aquatic version of ebay)
    Those are just some, unfortunately, there are also many, many bad ones
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    Sep 2011
    Florence, AL

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    Congrats on the 30g and good luck with it! Livebearers tanks are always fun because your adding new members all the time lol. As far as some info about livebearers, 2-3 females to every male is a good ratio. If you do that you should have fry every month. Floating plants are good and have worked for me but i have had fry eaten before. So now I use a breeder box(which you can get at any pet store) you put the pregnant fish in it when it is about to have babies and the fry will sink to the bottom of it through a divider. then take the mother fish out. I keep them in it til they are big enough not to get eaten by the other fish. I feed them Hikari First Bites which i really recommend. As far as decorations, its your tank and you should do want you want with it. I've never ordered fish online, maybe someone else could help you out with that. I live almost an hour away from my lfs and I have never had a fish die on the way home. So it would probably be better if your bought fish that were an hour away, instead of have a fish shipped to you over a period of days. Hope this helped you out some and good luck with the tank!

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    Jan 2012

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    I just ordered fish from I was very pleased with the service and the condition of the fish. Overnight shipping is also only $24 if you spend their minimum amount. They specialize in cichlids but also have a bunch of other fish as well.
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    I personaly would not use floating plants for the babies to hide in. Even without them you will be over run in no time. The nearest fish store to me is 1.5hrs away and I have never lost a fish when I have bought from there. I just bring a bucket, declorinator, some fake plants, and a net. I put the fish in the bucket that has been treated with declorinator and has a fake plant or 2 in it. That gives the fish more room to swim and also more oxygen. It has worked for me very well over the last 5 or so months. (I have bought fish AT LEAST 10 times and brought them through the journey with no problems what so ever.)

    I have looked at ordering fish online (especially bettas) and the shipping is just not worth it to me. It seems to be at minimum 20 something dollars to ship 1 or 2 fish.
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    If you lived closer dude, I'd give you some fry. Either mollys or guppies - Your choice.
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    I live far away from anything but a Petco/Petsmart, and I find that their stock always seems pale, scrawny and stressed. I opted to go the online route, and have overall been very pleased with the result. When you consider the price of gas, the shipping doesn't seem as costly IMO, and the fish are typically shipped via overnight FEDEX, so they don't really spend "days" in transit. I have personally used, and can vouch for their quality and customer service, but any of the sites MLBFan mentioned would probably serve you well.

    As for which livebearer to choose, it's really up to you. Guppies are smallest, but platys have more color varieties; swordtails are showy and active, but are the largest and would therefore overpopulate your tank most quickly. I personally find mollies the most attractive, very elegant, but they are very sensitive to poor water conditions, which overcrowding would exacerbate.

    Anyway, good luck!

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