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    Default Kyle's 55 Gallon Aquarium

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    Thought I would share my families 55 gallon tank we set up in our new place. As I said in my re-Introduce Myself post I've had everything from 2.5g to 135g tanks, fresh and saltwater, recently all I've had is a 34g saltwater and a 10g saltwater. When we got our place I left the 34g and only kept my 10g and that just wasnt enough, we both wanted a bigger tank so for now we got a really nice stand (good for 55-90) and a 55 starter set. I used media from my 10g in the new filter. We have it quite stocked now (hard to say no to a 3yr old and my gf lol) we have 10 Serpae tetras, 4 mollies (2 males/2 females) 3 platies, 1 swordtail, 3 austrailian rainbows, 1 redtail shark, 1 raphael catfish, 1 pictus catfish, 1 common pleco, 1 blue dwarf gourami, 1 kissing gourami, 2 blue snails, 3 cory catfish, running the top fin 60 that came with it and also got a aqua clear 110. All the fish are doing great, there are a few fish that have nipped fins and we are not sure whos doing it, we think its the mollies.

    There is a breeder net in there with 2 small mollies, all I could catch lol.

    We are thinking about upgrading to a 90 gallon sometime in the next year.
    55 Gallon Freshwater

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    Well Kyle. What a nice tank you have. Seems like I've seen that somewhere before. LOL

    Kyle, you have 32 fish in the tank. I know you said you seeded it from the 10 but I fear you will have an ammonia spike with it only seeded from a 10 gallon. You'll have to watch it and test daily.

    Redtail sharks are aggressive and also are known to go after small fish so you'll have to keep on eye on that situation as well. Good luck.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 02-09-2012 at 01:50 PM.

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    Thanks Hobbs, its been up and running for over a month and have gradually added the fish. I still have a liquid test kit and been keeping up on the water changes, I love the python kits that hook up to the sink lol. Thanks for your help! Bad thing about the red tail he's been picked on more then him picking on others, even his back fins been nipped been keeping an eye on them all, hope I don't have to remove anyone
    55 Gallon Freshwater

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    Still havnt found out who is nipping everyone in the tank.. One of the cories did die the other day and I know they like to be kept in schools and 2 just werent enough and I know I'm quite stocked but got 3 more little cories and they seem to be a lot happied together. Took some pictures, they arnt the best but I havn't figured out this camera yet.

    55 Gallon Freshwater

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