I would becareful with having Jewels in with Kenyi Cichlids. The Jewels are a more peaceful fish and they don't come from Lake Malawi. The Jewels come from the rivers in Africa. Kenyi cichlids are very aggressive. The yellow labs will go with just about anything from the region. I have a tank full of them. I have one Red Jeweled Chichlid and he gets a little roughed up some times but he is large enough to hold his own. Cichlids are quite interesting. When I first stared with cichlids I would have a murder once or twice a week until I figured out what to mix. Don't put any peacocks in with your fish, they will kill them within hours. You should overstock the aquarium a little just to keep the aggression in check. I started going to these forums and talking with local aquariusts and I did learn alot.