Well since i figured i am starting from scratch and a complete noob, i would completely document my whole project from begging until whenever. I have always wanted to have an aquarium since i was a kid but i never got one. So now im gonna have one! I plan on starting with a freshwater then eventually adding a saltwater.

I have found a 50g aquarium w/ stand for a really good price here in town. It is suppose to be leak free. The owner decided it was too big for him after he bought it so he is selling it. The owner said the acrylic needs resurfacing so i am thinking about getting the Lifegard Aquatics Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit 72000. I am suppose to be picking up the tank on Thursday. But my setup so far is going to be:

50g acrylic tank w/ stand
Aqueon Submersible 200w Heater
Hagen Fluval 205 Canister Filter
Air Pump w/ 4 outputs

I did some research and all of these products have some pretty decent reviews. The biggest piece of advice i keep hearing is you get what you pay for when it comes to this hobby. But i have plenty of more research to keep doing and questions to ask and answers to find. So Thursday starts my journey! Feel free to comment, criticize, etc. I know we learn from mistakes but i want to keep them at a minimal lol.