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Thread: Mushroom health

  1. Default Mushroom health

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    Ok, this is probably me fretting and obsessing over nothing, but I recently got some blue mushroom corals and I wanted to know if it was usual for them to open up in the morning and look really healthy but then as the day wears on for them to close up and not look as good, even before the light goes off?

    I ask cause they've done it every day I've had them. Like they look unbelievably full and healthy about five hours after the light goes on. Currently my lights are on a 14/10 cycle.
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    Shrooms don't need a lot of light. 14 hrs on is on the long side ime. I keep a staged photoperiod of 2 actinics on for 1 hr then all 6 lights on for another 6 hrs then just 2 actins on for another 2.5. That makes a total phot period of just 9.5 hrs in my case. My shrooms are full for about 5 hrs of that. My guess is you will get some algae issues with your lights on so long, I know I did when I had mine on for 12hrs.

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    My lights are only on for 8 hours total, including the 2 hour each phase for dusk and dawn.

    Tons of threads out there on google for photoperiods for reef tanks...reefcentral is a good site for reefing threads.

    Having said that, my shrooms look ok even in the dark. This is them now, and the lights have been off all night and not due to come on for another 3 hours.

    You should post pics to see so we can see how much they really do close up, before and after.

    lol we always want pics!
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    +1, or now 2, to the lighting suggestions

    Have you been testing your dKH, Cal, and Mag ?

    Sometimes if those paramaters are out of balance it can add some stress to the corals. Even softies like mushrooms
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Calcium is 440 ppm, dKH was 10 to 11 last I checked. Don't have mag test kit yet. And yeah, the mushrooms only open that much occasionally. My camera's batteries are dead right now, but I'll take pictures in a couple hours, which is usually when they peak.

    Couple things occur to me. 1, the flow in the tank is about 1400 gph right now, which I know is high for mushrooms, but I think there's a good spot where the flow isn't so bad, though not much of my light gets in (only have two T-5's right now, haven't put the LEDs in yet)

    2. Could they still be acclimating to the new tank? I only got them 4 days ago.
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    4 days isn't a lot, but shrooms ARE hardy, so I wouldn't have thought it would take them more than a couple days...and I don't think flow is that big a factor for them...but you could give them a full week or 10 days before Doing Something.

    I perhaps have an inflated opinion as to mushroom hardiness, as they are taking over my tank and I'm having to remove the LR they are on and replace with new clean dead rock in order to get rid of the darn things. The are starting to challenge my frogspawn and ricordias for space.
    20gal long planted community

  7. Default

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    Your dkh and ca sound fine,going on just that I would say mg isn't an issue. Could just be acclimating still. I have only 2 colony of shrooms,a green and a watermelon. The wm close up to little pea size lumps at night but the greens only deflate about half. Right now my wm look like a puffy bunch of balloons.

  8. Default

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    Ok, so I took some shots over a few hours and also moved the rock the coral came with (fear I may have to do so again), noticed a few interesting things:

    Seemed well enough except the outside polyps weren't looking too happy, so I moved it up a bit.

    Seemed better but still not perfect, so I gave it a directed phytoplankton feeding of about 1.5 ml with a syringe (no needle)

    That seemed to REALLY perk them up.

    However, after that, I noticed my cleaner shrimp, in its haste to clean fish was stepping directly on the corals themselves, and it even left a visible discoloration (which thankfully has already healed)

    I'm thinking maybe they need to be moved to a place the shrimp won't try to interfere?

    I'll post pics after the light goes out. (I did adjust my timer to 8 hours on)

    Also I think another problem is they're just a bit too crowded on the rock they came with, they're completely overlapping when fully extended.
    Last edited by Ashurbarnipal; 02-05-2012 at 08:27 PM.
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  9. Default

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    Nice shrooms! You worry too much! I had full size white stripe hermits crawling on mine with no issues. Your lightfooted cleaner won't hrt them a bit. The best bet for good health for yhour shrooms is a place in your tank where they get indirect light and just enough flow to keep them slighly moving. If they are extended into a funnel shape they want more light if they are about half normal size and lying very flat they got too much. Wherever you place them leave them there of at least 2 to 3 days as they simply don't settle in for that amount of time.don't sweat the crowding eithber ,if its not too there liking then some will detach and drift or be placed by you.

  10. Default

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    Hahaha, yes, I am a worrywart. Fishkeeping is an excellent way for me to direct obsessive behavior into something more productive.
    كل نفس ذائقة الموت ثم الينا ترجعون

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