Some of you might be wondering why I call this tank "The Dumpster Tank." Well... because I went dumpster diving for it!

I had my eye on this tank for awhile.. it belonged to a family friend and the fish inside weren't going to last too much longer, and the person wasn't planning on restocking. I offered to buy it once it was no longer in use.

Well... the family friend apparently was angry with me over something because rather than sell the tank to me, she threw it in the dumpster. Her kids told me about it, so I drove to the dumpster and pulled the tank out! The top was sadly smashed (which is an issue because it is nearly impossible to find a top for this tank), but the tank and stand were in relatively good shape.

The Dumpster Tank!

The Dumpster Tank has been set up for several years. First, it was a betta sorority. Then, it became home to a pair of Betta Albimarginata and corydoras. I finally decided to re-scape after neglecting the plants for far too long.

Initial rescape:

After deciding to steal some vals for my mbuna tank:

I may still remove the rest of the vals after the plants grow up a bit... I am not sure I like how it looks.

Stock in this tank will be:
Pair of Betta albimarginata
Corydoras panda (at least 6)
Corydoras leucomeals (at least 6)
Checkered Barbs (at least 6)

I may also add neon tetras if I have room.

More pics to come! (BTW I will be adding a black background soon).