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    omaha NE

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    columbian or black fin sharks are also brackish fish. the interesting thing about them however is they fluctuate from fresh water as juveniles to full blown marine as adults, however they do best with brackish. also read that fluctuating the salt levels effects their demeanor.

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    Default Proper bw conditions?

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    As long as the subject of bw conditions have come up, could somebody please state the ideal bw conditions for keeping mollies please? I have recently been blessed by the fish stork with 30 new molly fry and want to set my new 75-gallon up as bw for them. Since this will be my first bw tank, I am collecting any info I can on the subject.
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    I'm new here but have watched this Forum for some time, I have 2 - 40B Brackish tanks at sg of 1.008 and will fluxuate it after water changes down to 1.003 then back up slowly to 1.008. 1 tank has about 10 Fiddlers and 2 Red claws, 4 neon tetras and a CAE. The other tank has 2 Violet Gobies, 2 mollys, a few ghost shrimp, 2 SAE and a clown loach, this tank gets the same treatment that the crab tank does and all of my friends have been in these conditions for over a year and only 1 loss of a fiddler due to a fight has been experienced. After a WC a couple of fiddlers will molt, the Gobies eat like drunk horses and keep devouring my frog bit, the loach and SAE's all enjoy zucchini and sweet potato from time to time
    The crabs like Java moss (and any other plant that gets put in there, java fern and val.) for snacks and shrimp pellets or algae wafers with some flake food for a staple. The Gobies will be getting a new home soon because they are about 10" long now (Not bad for a wally world find at $2.98). A pond snail out break in the Goby tank is forcing the movement of them to the top of the list. Looking forward to learning more as time goes on.

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    This thread is over a year and half old....
    Current tanks:
    37G FW - 3 Pearl Gourami, 4 Black Mollies, approximately 20+ Molly Fry, 5 Assassin Snails | 10G Planted FW - 14 Molly Fry, rocks, DW and an Anubias Nana - journal
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