I recently posted in the rainbow fish section after hearing that there may be a variety of rainbow fish that is purely brackish. As it turns out this is not so, so am really looking for ideas on the types of community brackish fish that are available.

I've viewed all of the fish commonly available in the LFS that are 24/7 brackish... and come up with a surprisingly broad selection!

The one fish that I really don't want to change.... is the dragon goby. They're kind of the fish "that started it all" for me.

The bumblebee goby was next up on the list.... but being a tiny fish in what is primarily a predatory/omnivorous world.... doesn't give me a lot of choice in stocking anything else. But I'll swap them out if there are not any suitable tank mates for them.

Scats and Monos are the next, but feel they may draw attention away from the dragon goby. Being large eye-catching fish.

The knight goby was another interesting one... I would hazard on the side of caution in thinking it wouldn't make a fantastic tank mate for the bumblebee either!

The archer fish is a fish that I really would like to try my hand at. But as a relatively novice fish keeper I don't know if this would be wise. All the same, I seem to understand they are difficult to keep due to their picky nature when it comes to feeding. If this is the sole point that bumps them into the "difficult to care for" category than that's fine. I'm quite happy to keep and breed various forms of insects... I reckon a quick dusting with one of those powders you use for a lizards insect feed, would work equally well for fish.

For the sake of argument.... the question basically is. If YOU could set up.... a brackish community. How would you do it? What would you stock it with?

^_^ Read lots of ideas and viewed many websites about different set ups and have a partial plan drawn up already, just looking for more ideas and opinions.