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    I would not try to add and breed blue rams nor celestial pearl danios in that tank.

    Have you considered a permanent breeding aquarium that can give you a return with no extra work. That will however force you to limit yourself to one or maybe two species.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    I have two unoccupied tanks a ten and a twenty. my 55 g community tank has two ballon rams in it.

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    you could use the 10 gallon as a spawning tank / hatchery and the 20 gallon tank as a growout - probably lots of tiny critters in the plants that fry would love to eat.
    300 gallon mega tank: build in progress
    75 gallon community tank: tetras, danios, corys, platies, otos, pearl gouramis, bristlenose pleco, assassin snails, red cherry shrimp, bamboo shrimp
    70 gallon growout tank: clown loaches, sailfin pleco
    60 gallon goldfish tank: fancy goldfish
    29 gallon frog tank: 1 bullfrog
    10 gallon and 5.5 gallon betta tanks: 1 male betta each, sometimes snails

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Railgun
    I have done some reading and think i am gonna go with Celestial Pearl Danios. Now where do i get my hands on them? lol Any one from the kentucky area who currently has the little guys? If so leave me a message. I am leery of buying fish online as i do not get a chance to inspect them.
    If you can't find them locally, I will occasionally see them at Aquabid and LiveAquaria has some right now.

    I would ask at your LFS, too... sometimes they have things on their stock list that they can order, but just haven't because there isn't a demand.

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    CPDs are cute little things, but they don't have too much color when young, so they don't look like much till about 6 mos. The males usually have more color in their fins.
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
    29 sw: Damsel, shrimpgoby, pistol shrimp, waspfish
    65 fw: Rummies, glowlight tetras, pencilfish, darters, ottos, f betta, goby, dwarf gourami, ninjas
    29 fw: Chili rasboras, pygmy cories, P. Gertrudae

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    got my ten gallon and twenty gallon cycling. Now just have to wait and track down the cpd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Railgun
    got my ten gallon and twenty gallon cycling. Now just have to wait and track down the cpd.
    This is yet another good reason to find, join, and support your local or not so local fish club. You meet other enthusiasts and learn and share.

    Several of us in my area were looking for CPDs at a reasonable price. By coincidence a member seventy miles away was looking to sell excess stock. By combining orders I acquired 50 - 80 (he just scooped with the net) for $100.00.
    Good luck.

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    Still have any left? Or know anyone willing to spare a few?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Railgun
    Still have any left? Or know anyone willing to spare a few?
    Sorry. That was last year.

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    Well it was just an idea. Think i found some out of florida.
    No politically incorrect jokes here.

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