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    Default My new Pea Puffer. Couple questions...

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    We got this little guy just over a week ago and I have a couple questions. First, I know oto cats are really the only tank mate recommended as pea puffers are notorious fin nippers and bullyers. We also have two golden plecos in this tank that have fins ripe for the nipping but we thought we'd take our chances (we have a 10 gallon we can set up for the puffer if he can't handle the temptation) and I wanted see if anyone has had any luck keeping dwarf puffers with other fish that are otherwise ill-advised.

    The tank is a 20gallon long. (see signature)

    So far the puffer doesn't even seem to notice that he has other tank mates, at least until our ghost shrimp snags a piece of blood worm he wanted to eat (I'm also hoping to see his 'hunting' insticts kick in with the shrimp, rather than just trying to back the shrimp down only to give up when he realizes the shrimp's not giving up his meal). Will he start to get more aggressive as he matures or is it possible that given enough variety in decor and vegitation that he'll just let the plecos be as he's done so far?

    2nd question: I've read that if the puffers keep their tail curled it can be a sign of discomfort and I'd say he keeps his tail curled a good 85% of the time. We have double filtration, airation and plan on weekly changes of at least 25% with a gravel siphon (I know 50% is recommended but that seems like a little overkill and I'm thinking the extra filtration will balance that out, I'm thinking 50% maybe once a month) and tempertaure at 80 degrees. What's your thought on the tail curl?

    And just for kicks, here he is

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    Never kept puffers, but it does say 'can be a', maybe he just likes curling his tail?
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
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    no its normal for them to have a curled tail. that means they are hunting for their food. they can be put with otto's, ghost shrimp (sometimes eat them) pond snails (trim down their teeth. feed them once or twice a week. thats their favorite treat.) bumble bee dwarf puffer (even tho the lfs and the internet said you can't mix species together, well you can cause i had one female pea puffer left all alone cause the male died. so i figured i would try to put them together and see if they get along. i put 1 male bumble bee puffer in with the female pea puffer and they circled each other and started to mate that quickly. they loved each other! :D so you can put them together. kuhli loaches. thats all i know so far. they are fin nippers and they have very sensitive skin. they eat frozen foods like blood worms and brine shrimp, (i just buy the multi variety pack cause they are very picky eaters and will get bored eating the same frozen food. they are very territorial so you would need to put alot of plants and hiding places to separate them from fighting and killing each other. Hope this helps.

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