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    Default Rain barrel for my tanks?

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    Stumbled across this. Could I make one to stock water for my tanks?

    Here's information.

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    What type of roof do you have? Where do you live? (ie urban setting, country? What is located close to you)

    Answering these questions will tell you a lot of what ype of water and what quality water you would get.

    Rainwater can also be too soft/acidic too use by itself depending on what type of material it run on before being collected.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    0 Not allowed!'s a shingled roof. I live in the suburbs...not exactly country, but not city either. However, my friends consider it the country. lol

    Hmm - maybe it would be best to not attempt it, eh?

  4. Default

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    Well. Shingles are usually good roofs for collecting water but only you can guess the pollution level etc in your area. Maybe you can try to collect a little water and have it tested.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    If the water quality is ok, you'll probably have to use sponge or foam block of some sort to remove any debris and bugs from the water. I'd test the water for sure.

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    'Shingles' can mean asphalt shingles or wood (or other things, like clay or composite - more rare.) Wood might be OK but asphalt is derived from petroleum by products, I got a new asphalt shingle roof this summer and it was really toxic stinky in the heat. Wood is more rare these days.

    I wouldn't do it unless it's wood or metal. I have rain barrels for the garden here and I find little pieces of the shingles in the bottom.

    I had a metal roof before and the pitch and needles from the trees, bird poop and ashes from the fireplace chimney collected in there, probably making the water chemistry quite wild unless you harvest immediately and keep the thing clean.

    I don't think I would do it at all really. Your garden will like it!
    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

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    I use rainwater for my tanks. I've done it living in the city and now in the country.

    Australians are encouraged to collect and use rainwater, majority drink it. I drink mine (frogs, roof crud and all), as long as its not really low, its all good.

    I spose living in a place very often dealing with drought you make do with what you have and be VERY grateful you have even that *L*
    Lots of tanks
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    That's true, I'm from Oregon where the ground water is fantastic and free, now I live in the city and it is seriously nasty, and when I lived in Australia we drank rain water with frogs and crud too! I'm still alive...but the fish...well...

    I guess it is good to do your research and be flexible. =]
    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

  9. Default

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    I collect rain water in a cistern, and pump it though a RO/DI unit prior to use. Done that many, many years. I use the rain water for liquid FW cultures, killies, rare livebearers and the like. I also water my household plants with it, mixed with earthworm castings.

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    I collected rain water once and it was so dirty that I didn't do it again. With so much pollution rain water is no longer a source of pure water unless you happen to live in very clean areas. I would not collect it from a dirty roof, either. A roof has creosote from wood burning stoves, bird poop and asbestos shingles.

    When all is said and done, it still needs to be heated up in order to use in the tank so I can find no reason to bother with it.

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