Hi there
I am thinking of setting up my 1st Marine Nano Cube.
I have looked at my local marine shop and they have 2 options which would suite.
1 D&D Cf 28 gallon £399
2 Red Sea Max 130D £699
Theres not much difference in volume between the 2 the red sea is slightly larger.
I would like to keep a good carried selection of corals and just 3 or 4 fish.
I have read that all nano tubes need modding what kind of mods would you need to carry out
at the moment i am edging toward the Red Sea as its neater with the cables and comes with skimmer
can you fit a skimmer to the D&D
in my local shop they have lights on the back of the tank 24\7 growing algae in a compartment. that have advised me that this eliminates the need for a skimmer
Id rather work out which is going to suit me better and get some impartial advice than just jump in
any help appreciated