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  1. Default Agressive Roseline Shark???

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    Hello I am new to this Forum and need some advice...

    I just got two Roseline Sharks about a week ago aprox 2" in size (One is slightly smaller than the other) for my Community 55 Gallon Tank. Water Parameters are perfect. In this tank I have various Tetras, 2 Otto's, 2 Bala Sharks, and a Snail.

    The smaller Roseline Shark has become very agressive and is terrorizing the bigger Roseline! He's been nipping his fins, chasing him around the tank, and the bigger Roseline is very stressed with his dorsal fin down and stays hidden in a corner.

    I decided to get another two Roseline Sharks as I read that these fish do best in larger groups but the only other one's I could find were only babies alil under an inch in size. I got a couple of them anyway to see if it would help calm the one Roseline's agression.

    It appears to have not helped. He is still chasing the other large Roseline, and also chases the two smaller ones. I've even seen him nip at my Bala Sharks too! He doesnt seem to bother the Tetras or Otto's though.

    I've done allot of searching and read nothing about these fish being my question is has anyone heard of this before? Do I have a rogue Roseline Shark? Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior? Do you think I should remove the fish and try to bring him back to the Fish Store or perhaps put him in my smaller 10 gallon with some Neons & Glo-Fish???

    Please help...I do not want him killing the other fish in my tank!

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    I would not put him in the 10gallon. I would try to bring him back to the petstore and exchange him

  3. Default

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    Well despite the lack of responses I did decide to bring him back. Thanks for the one reply!
    First I took him out of my 55 and held him in my 10 gallon for a day. He was super stressed from the switch but I had to get him away from my other fish. I went to the store first to ask if I could bring him back. They said yes, and are getting a new shipment of Roselines in today! So I returned him yesterday and was very surprised the store did not check my water parameters before taking him but they are calling me when new Roselines come in so I can pick one up in exchange for the one I brought back.

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    You should also return the Balas. They get large and need a larger group to school and a larger tank due to being very active.

  5. Default

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    The Bala Sharks will have a nice home with me for quite awhile before they outgrow my 55 gallon tank, at which point I will re-home them. Until then I will enjoy them. The two are very happy, they love swimming in the current from my air circulator too!

  6. Default

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    I had the same problem with one of my roselines before too. He was also the smallest of the three that I had at the time. I also returned mine to the lfs and have never had any problems with my others.

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    I had a pushy roseline that was also the largest one. He never nipped and eventually the other roseline grew to be his same size and all is harmonious. Except now I have a yo-yo loach that chases everybody but not to the point of stressing them out. He just keeps them exercised. Without him, I think the roselines would stay in the corner until feeding time.

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