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If I take 100 pictures, there MIGHT be one good one, LOL!

I took them out of their small tanks, put them in glass vases (bought specifically for picture taking purposes), and try to get them to flare (mirror, pencil eraser, etc) while snapping wildly with a camera.
Holy jeez, you're much more patient than I am! I just spent about 20 minutes with Lavender, trying to get him to take a good picture.... Massive fail.

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It depends on the Betta. Cories tend to get harassed by Bettas.. and they like much cooler temps (most species of Corydora, anyway), so I don't keep them together any longer.
Ah, fair enough. My betta lives with an otocat and a few tetras, and tends to stay up in a corner beside the heater. Definitely makes for difficult picture-taking. Maybe I'll have to put him in a vase, like you suggested.