So, i have a 25 gallon tall tank, and a 10 gallon tank,

25 gallon had 4 bolivan rams, 4 julii cory's, and 1 phantom blue pleco(young)
10 gallon had 2 bolivian rams(pair), and 2 oto catfish

I sold the 4 bolivan rams from the 25 gallon, and gave the guy my 4 julii cory's, on the way home i was curious to see what the new shipment of fish was at the local fish store. Immediately i purchased two platinum blue angels(i missed my old angel), and then went to the pet store just down the street to see what they got in, i seen a fish i was interested in, I asked about it, to me it looked like an oto catfish, but brown with a tan stripe going down it's side with whiskers, seemed to act and do exactly the same as my oto's always do, so i thought it could be a good addition to my tank, the person at the store said, it was a striped Raphael catfish, a baby(around 1"). They said they only get 4"-5" in length full grown, and are a peaceful fish, non predatory, so i thought that would be interesting to have another catfish to replace my 4 julli's. So i bought the catfish, and brought it home with my angels. I get home, start my research on what to do for the little guy to make life more comfortable and suitable in my tank. And found that they can actually get 8" in length! Now i'm second guessing that it's even able to be in my tank!

So ultimately, i'm going to put my pair of bolivan rams and the two oto catfish into my 25 gallon, along with the phantom blue pleco, and my 2 platinum blue angels. Basically putting me at

25 gallon tall- 2 platinum blue angelfish, 2 bolivan rams, 1 phantom blue pleco, 2 oto catfish, and 1 striped raphael catfish.

For filtration i am running an eheim 2213 canister, and an under-gravel filter with powerhead.

What i'm asking is, that Raphael needs to be returned doesn't it? Would i be more suited to get more oto catfish for a clean up crew rather then a different catfish. at night i always drop in an algae wafer, and a couple shrimp pellets.