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  1. Default Help with feeding ADF

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    I just got ADFs (7 of them) and am still trying to figure out how to feed them correctly. These are the foods I have tried - ReptoMin - select a food - has mini shrimp, mini krill and mini sticks - everything floats. A few of them have climbed up on hornswort and been able to grab a shrimp. I have tried shrimp pellets as they do sink - and put them on a little terra cotta plate - they don't seem to really go for them much. I have tried hand feeding by using long tweezer like sticks (that I concocted myself) that is extremely hard - and takes forever to get one to even start eating. I put in veggie wafers - they sink - they will nibble a bit occasionally. I have tried dried bloodworms, they float. I haven't found anything that they are all into yet so that I know they are eating well.

    What do you feed yours with great success? I was going to buy frozen shrimp or worms this weekend. They all look fine as far as health goes - so maybe they are eating when I don't know it - but I want to KNOW they are all eating good! I have only had them for 4 days or so.
    5 gallon/6.5 gallon/29 gallon/37 gallon/ 55 gallon {and a 20 gallon in my office!}

  2. Default

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    I just brought 2 in to work with me to add to the 20 gallon tank. Both of them started eating right away when I put in a couple of shrimp pellets. Maybe the others have been eating them as well that I just haven't seen. I still would love to hear other suggestions, I know they have to have more than just shrimp pellets.
    5 gallon/6.5 gallon/29 gallon/37 gallon/ 55 gallon {and a 20 gallon in my office!}

  3. Default

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    Well, now I have food for them. A friend of mine here at work just gave me food specifically formulated for ADFs. I just took 4 baby fish to her for her tank and she showed me what she feeds her, too. Whew...feel better now!
    5 gallon/6.5 gallon/29 gallon/37 gallon/ 55 gallon {and a 20 gallon in my office!}

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    Mine love bloodworms, HBH brand frog & tadpole bites, and PE Mysis by piscine engergentics, no problem eating!

    You may want to put the food in a tube and put it in a dish and train them to eat out of it in one spot, after feeding all the other fish since they're so slow!

    Here are two pics of my little setup, I use a seashell as a dish, got the clear 3/4" by 36" tube from the LFS.

    I have six super fat happy ADF's in a community tank with some really speedy loaches and it works well!

    Frog Feed 1.jpg

    Frog Feed 2.jpg
    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

  5. Default Feeding African Dwarf Frogs

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    I am sad to say I lost a number of ADFs in my community tank before i figured out how to feed them. The main article says that they are shy... that is not really true. They hide out much of the time, but once they learn the signs of Chow Time, they're super active and social! I want to share my experience in hopes of helping others to keep their frogs alive and happy.

    The problem is that in a tank of fish, the fish win in the food-grabbing contest. And getting frogs to eat sinking pellets is a frustrating process, especially in a 29 gal. tank with lots of fast-darting neons, glass cats, ghost shrimp, etc. who grab all the food fast. They best thing, I've found, is live blackworms fed in a net.

    I am an animal trainer and I was astounded at how fast my ADFs learned that the presence of my hand, and later a white brine shrimp net, meant FOOD. They quickly learned to swim right into my cupped hand, and now a net, which I draw to the surface and then use as a feeding tank. I use a plastic pipette $1 or less) to squirt blackworms into my hand/net, and let the frog snatch 4-5 before I dump him out, often with reluctance on his part, into the water. They LOVE this routine. They now come to the front of the tank when I turn on the lights or they see me, and all I have to do is stick my net in (cleaner than using my hand, though that's also fun) and they are HAPPY to be "caught" for feeding. They'll dig right in! With new ADFs you'll have to seek them out and scoop them up for a while, but they are resilient and trainable little buggers, and they catch on fast!
    The frogs learn to watch for you, hang out at the front of the tank, and will follow your finger like little puppies. I think this makes for a more interesting life for the frogs, engaging their natural hunting instincts and giving them a lot of exercise as they move a lot when they see me coming.

    I really hope that this post will help save a few ADF lives because I've not read about this very realistic method for feeding an ADF in a community tank, and I know lots of others must have lost a few. Start with a well cycled tank, of course... try the blackworms with white net or hand and tell me how it goes!
    Last edited by skocher; 01-28-2012 at 05:43 AM.

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