I came home from grocery shopping today and noticed some peculiar behavior among my two azure damsels in my reef tank.

It appeared that the were going through spawning motions, similar to what my african cichlids do on horizontal rocks, however the damsels were displaying the activity along the vertical corners of my fish tank. The activity was in progress when I arrived home and continued for about 20min.

Initially I thought it was some sort of damsel territorial behavior but then I noticed what looked to be the female's egg tube and observed all of these sugar-grain sized objects adhered on the glass in the particular area that the damsels were displaying their activity.

One of them seemed to protect the area for a while and then moved on.

Azure Damsel

The eggs (very hard to see as they were attached to the glass where the silicone meets and also has coraline algae growth):

I'm noticing that there are less of them now then there were earlier this afternoon so I don't expect them to last long or develop into fry.