So some may remember me but I wass fairl active on the forum a few months back but life is taking too much time and homework it over whelming but i thought I would update you guy on my aquarium as i have expanded in areas and down graded in others.

I have just recently had cichlid babies and BN babies all on the same day!!!!!!! I lost all the cichlid babies and I haven't seen the BN in a little bit. But hopefully in another few monthes I will have a more successful batch and be a little more ready. but I've got enough babies already since im taking care of his baby cichlids.

I currently have a 55 gallon tank, a 40 gallon breeder, 5 gallon tank, and a resently set up 10 gallon with a fire belly toad.

The 55 has lost 3 cichlids and one tigerbarb but hopefully it will have more cichlids in a few months!
The 40 is a little over stocked right now as my brother has yet to take his africans back but my favorate fish, jack dempsey, is getting along with them just fine.
The 5 has baby african of various species but i will have to set up a new 10 soon to acomadate them and then they will go in his tank later.