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  1. Question My ADF needs a buddy, what's safe?

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    I used to keep my ADF with my sisters frog, but he died about a month ago, and every since, my frog has been kind of depressed. He doesn't swim around as much, he just sits there, and he's not eating like he used to. I've been trying to get another ADF to keep him company, but the only time we can get those here is when the fair comes to town.

    However, my friend has a Molly fish that just had some babies, and she said she would give me a couple, but I'm wondering if they are safe to keep in the same tank?

    I know they are both freshwater, and need about the same temperature, so that wouldn't be a problem... but is there anything else i'm overlooking?

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    I've never kept mollies with frogs, but I think they would be OK.

    Just make sure they babies are much smaller than the frogs mouth.

    You can check aqadvisor to see if there are any red flags with your particular tank size/equipment:

    Also, whenever you have ADF's with other fish, make SURE they get enough to eat. You can use a clear tube to deliver food right in front of your ADF if you think he needs it.

    Good luck!
    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterfroggy
    Just make sure they babies are much smaller than the frogs mouth.
    Im sure Waterfroggy meant to say to make sure the mollies are bigger than little froggy's mouth. ADF's will eat anything that can fit down their throats, just like their cousins the ACFs. Good news is the ADF stays nice and small, so it can be kept with alot. Mollies should be fine with the frog as long as the tank is big enough. What size is the tank?
    10gal Betta Tank - Skye the crowntail and Squiggles the deformed albino cory
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    With my experience with mollys, I would not advise putting any with your adf. They will out compete the frog for food and may even harass it.

  5. Default

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    Why not just get another ADF?
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
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