For quite a while I have been trying to grow zoas in both of my reef tanks with not a lot of luck. They weren’t dyeing, but they weren’t growing either

Based on some further research it looked like the cause was a extremely low nutrient tank. Likely what was happening was the other corals and coralline were out competing the zoas for what nutrients were in the tank. One potential solution that was suggested was dosing vitamin C in the tank.

I bought a bottle of liquid vitamin C and started dosing about a month and a half ago

For the first time I am seeing some results. Now there is at least 4 new heads that have spread into the rock I set the frag disk on. There was 3 heads that were on the edge of the disk, but these 4 are new and are completely attached to the rock. These were not there 6 weeks ago.

All other water parameters, lighting, and flow have remained constant during the past 6 weeks

It looks like I found a potential solution for one of my reef tanks.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these zoas do long term