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    Dec 2011

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    Default Crabs and shrimps?

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    I am planning on getting a shrimpaquarium and I wonder if crabs can be held in the same aquarium as shrimps?

    In my dreams I would want to have a 30-40 litres (8-10 US gal.) aquarium only half filled so the crab can breathe. With some plants for the shrimps and a root with a piece of cork connected with it for the crab so it can climb above the surface.

    I have also concidered to get some snails to keep the algae away but I donīt know if they can be combined with shrimps and crabs.

    So my questions are:
    # Is it posible to keep shrimps, snails and a crab in the same aquarium?
    # Will the crab concider the shrimps and snails as food?
    # If the shrimps gets "children" will the crab eat them too?
    # If it is posible to combine any of these species. Which sort of crab, snails and shrimps should I buy?

    I hope that someone knows the answer to these guestions and takes the time to answer them.

    Best regards Alfred

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    Jun 2011
    Baltimore, MD

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    I don't think this would work.

    Pretty sure the crabs would go after the shrimp and eat them.
    Plus crabs need brackish water and I don't think any shrimp can thrive in brackish.

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    It can be done I am currently doing it with cherries, ramshorns and trumpet snails and spider crabs

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    here's a link to pics of my setup. Pics are too large to upload here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaponicpaw

    here's a link to pics of my setup. Pics are too large to upload here.
    everytime i tried to look at a pic it said i had to reqister, which is something i wont do. i would like to have a look at your setup though so if you could post a direct link to your photo hosting site or downsize it to post here ide appreciate it

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    Jan 2011

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    If you are referring to Fiddler Crabs, they will not work out. Fiddler crabs need brackish conditions as most snails and shrimp do not. However, as for other crabs, they may work, but I have no experience in mixing the three.

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    Mar 2011
    Duncan, BC, Canada

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    I have cherry shrimp and a red claw crab in the same tank. The crab often tries to eat the shrimp, but I have not ever seen him (her?) succeed. It's actually pretty funny watching this slow poke crab try to catch the lightning fast shrimps.
    Whenever I buy plants from the LFS I seem to bring home a lot of little snails. The snails don't last long. Before the crab the snails lived a long time so I assume the crab is taking down the snails.

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