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    Default What Really Grinds My Gear!

    7 Not allowed!
    Going to use the Family Guy reference, love the show.

    Back on topic.

    What really grind my gears these days are the younger generation. Mind you, they are only about a decade younger than me; but the lackluster attitude and feeling of entitlement of kids these days are out of control.

    With the influx of constant new technology and social media networks, younger generation these days are both at an advantage and disadvantage. Technology is a double edged sword and unless wielded and guided properly, it can lead to negative results.

    What happened to the days when students had to go to libraries for research material? Everything is so easy now and at a stroke of a keyboard, all the information is presented to them these days. They no longer understand the concepts and foundations of how things are because information is so easily acquired now. I was asked to come speak for my Alma-mater on theories of finance and investment but left disappointed at the level of understanding of the kids these days. That or they flipped out their phone for the answer. There is no ingenuity in their responses and this was at an Ivy League school. I am a believer of hard work and discipline. The road over the mountain of books is paved by hard work. To reach the shores beyond the sea of knowledge, it requires years of dedication and pain to traverse those water. Compare one not to others who are less capable but those who are better and strive to be better by learning from them. There are no shortcuts. By simply going through the motion of life to just get a piece of paper and landing a job is not the right of attitude. Learn not for the sake of a means to an end, but learn so that the shackles of the mind be free from empty knowledge and to realize wisdom.

    New hires these days are also the same, maybe I have high expectations, but I don't think so. I had a recent graduate student come in for an interview for a tax manager position and I usually don't go look at how interviews are conducted but I decided to just sit in on one to see how the managers are hiring; and I was appalled. I asked for the resume and it was a very well written one, but when I asked for specifics, the candidate seemed lost and unable to answer.

    He was a recent MBA graduate and answered the behavioral questions well. But for the technical questions, he wasn't very fluid with the answers. I asked him how to derive one formula from a base formula to calculate a certain return and he had difficulty. These are basic calculus calculations and I would have expected better. I asked about his understanding of the market and the current news and how it affected certain indexes and he faltered. I asked him computer language questions and how to integrate it or develop a new business model and he stuttered. I then ask him his knowledge of Microsoft Office and he failed to meet my expectations. He didnít understand the nuances of what he claims to know. His understanding is rigid and lacks creativity. Maybe I was intimidating but if these are the talent that we are getting these days, I really don't know what else to say. I only asked those questions because he put them on his resume in the first place! I thanked him for his time, left and handed it back to the two hiring managers because he was a waste of my time. What I value is honesty, integrity, and the willingness to learn. What the youth of today present to me is a lack of interest of self-cultivation and willingness to move out of the box at home or on their hand. The balance is not there for the youth of today.

    I remember my physics professor telling us to get rid of our calculators and remember all formulas and do it out by hand. He would ask us the theories and how it would apply in different scenarios because there are no text book answers in real life. He had this wild crazy scientist look but the man was an absolute genius. He worked for NASA for a number of years prior to becoming a professor. Today I realize the importance of a strict teacher who didn't care much about his ratings but more so on what his students are learning. He wasn't afraid to fail the entire class if they didn't meet his standards. There was no curve, no buffer, no sugar coating. There were only 4 of us in that class. Now, I see many students slouching in their chairs and on their phones. The professors would just go about their business explaining their class. The students cheat on exams, copy homework, and essays and have no guilt in doing so as long as they pass. Maybe it is my own pride but I would rather fail in honor than face the disgrace of acing without dignity. I guess what your friend posted on FB or instagram is more important and your social life is the rave in college but there has to be a degree of control. However, it's fine so long as you understand the material and get the work done but I think that is not the case for most students. I was not around much during my college years due to other work that kept me abroad but I still graduated honors and summa cum laude without being present for most of the classes. I did not make many friends nor was I popular but the friends I did make; they are true friends that can be relied on. Not just people of the in crowd to hang out just because you want to be popular who will probably forget who you are the next day.

    Upon returning, I continued to pursue my MBA and other certifications and worked up from a humble associate position. I worked in healthcare, finance, tax, compliance, risk, foreign exchange, and now investments/banking. Wading through the corporate ladder, I held numerous management roles and have had the opportunity to develop many fine talents. But the key is these people are willing to put in the effort to succeed. They are few and far in between. I can't help but feel that if more people are willing to exert more, they will be able to go even farther.

    I came here to the US with nothing and didnít know the language but now I have everything I can ask for. It came with hard work but it was not difficult because of all the opportunity that presented itself. People elsewhere in the world don't even have that opportunity but yet the youth here squander it away like nothing. Too many excuses and too much feeling of entitlement are the youth of today.

    In serving, there was discipline; in work, there was expectation. I don't consider myself a genius but I consider myself a hard worker. I get the work done. I've worked for 7 days a week over the past 10 years, with vacation time when I can, off course. I never complained when I had to stay awake for 2-3 days to get a job done or was in some mission in the middle of nowhere. That was not a problem for me when it was needed. I'm not a workaholic but I do enjoy the fact that my time is being used productively. I balance it out with work and spending time with my social life and my hobbies. Even so, I still find enough time to do everything and yet the youth of today never seem to have enough time. There are too many venues for them to waste time unproductively. If they spend half as much time on TV, video games, FB, instagram, social networking sites, etc; they will have more time to do other things. Go see the world, learn new things, pick up a different language, read a book, pick up an instrument, etc. By 22, I've already visited 6 continents and over 70 countries. I've seen a lot of things and opened my eyes to the world. I took in what was good and learned from it. I did not discriminate against others nor became blinded or limit myself by what I already knew. The horizon is boundless and I seek to incorporate new ideas all the time. As a believer of Kaizen, I believe in continuously improving.

    The strength of a nation depends on its youth because they are the future. If we as adults don't guide the youths in the right direction and instill principles and discipline in them; then it is us to blame. Not everyone is alike nor do they have the same circumstances, but I know for certain that education is key and the basic foundation. It is the building block and if the youth of today are not motivated enough to work hard and disciplined enough to learn and develop; then we must guide them.

    Several years ago, my young cousin decimated my discus tanks and this killed the majority of my discus fishes. He was 10 then and the casualties brought on by what he did were a blow to my heart because of how dearly I loved my discus fishes. The financial consequences were large but not so much as the fact that 90 discus did not get to live out a fulfilling life. Ever since that incidence and through much counselling, he was taught the consequences of his actions. I recommended to my aunt and uncle to stop spoiling him and don't shelter him, let him learn the price of every action or that he will not grow into an upright and respectable person. They heeded my advice and took more time to guide him. I told my cousin that he is much luckier than I, because I never had both parents to watch over me and that I had to earn everything in my life. He should know the meaning of enough and know that there are others living lives much worse than he is. He's close to 16 years old now and has matured a lot and I'm thankful for it.

    Why did I write all of this today? It is possibly to quickly kill time while I am on a boring conference call with colleagues over in Lux and HK from 12 AM to 2 AM my time. But it is the youth of today in our country that really grinds my gear. For those far less fortunate elsewhere in the world without a shed of opportunity, who knows how many of them can be great scholars and contribute to the world. But sadly, they never had the chance to even begin. For them, the grass is greener on the other side because of limitations in their own countries, the failures of the leaders in their nation, the lack of resources, and possibly the history of development of that own nation. But for the US, the grass is green here. There should be no reasons or excuses. Cultivate what you have, make smart decisions, invest wisely, and guide your children well. There is no easy way to success for most of us; the only sure method is through hard work and the willpower to stick with it. To benefit the future of a decade, you plant trees. But to benefit the future of a hundred years, you plant a generation.
    Think with logic and rationality more than emotion. Act with moderation and consideration. Contemplate ideals and realistic goals and weigh out possibilities and options. Temper not with personal delusions or false hope but learn to accept and move on.

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    4 Not allowed!
    Thank you for some insight. I'm getting ready to take on my day as personal trainer. And that filled me with motivation to effect my life and my clients life to educate them and allow them to also work for there knowledge. I really amdire and relate with your outlook.
    You should start writing also not sure if you already do. But a lot of people can benefit from your thoughts.

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    9 Not allowed!
    I couldnt agree with you more. The kids today are for the most part useless. I see it all the time at my kid's sports practices or at the stores around town... bunch of cry babies that whine and pout until they get their way. What grinds me though is that parents allow it to happen. They give in instead of standing their ground and being parents. If I even thought of talking to my father the way kids talk to parents today I wouldn't have been able to sit correctly for a month and probably would have had a well deserved red mark across my mouth.
    Now me on the other hand I will ground my kid for being a dumbass and the kid next to them just for the fun of it.. and they know it. I am very hard on my kids. I grew up in a very strict military family. I may not be as hard as my parents were but I expect the same respect and discipline. And I will remove everything they love and hold dear until they do. You want it? you earn it. You bring home good grades in school or you will not have a life after school. I see the kids whos parents buy them what ever they want... break their phone oh just buy a new one... oh I want I want I want... Even cars! there are a few kid around here that brand new cars then they wreck them and the parents buy them new ones again! I get crap from other parents because I'm such a hardass and I tell them at least I dont empower spoiled brats that will have no clue in actual life. Here's the the thing though. My kids are all on the honor roll at school. I have two seniors that both are going to collage. One is a fireman since he was 16 and is going to the fire academy here in NY in june. They all play sports and have part time jobs. A few hours a week but still a job. My son just bought a 2006 neon for 3k with his own money he saved himself. My daughter is working on saving for a honda civic she likes. I'm very proud of them and they effort they put into everything they do and the respect they show other people around them. We may not have much but what they do have they appreciate and take care of. What they dont know yet is that I matched the money they've saved for things since they've started working and put it into savings accounts for them. I'll give them the accounts when they graduate. A nice reward for all their hard work. But by the time they get that they'll learn if you want want you better work and earn. Thats what my dad did for me at the same age. He started charging me rent when I started working. Gave it all back to me when I moved out.
    Kids today think us parents owe them everything and anything and toss temper tantrums when they get told no. it just blows my mind. Kid do what they're taught...
    Whats funny is that my kids see it now too. They see how other kids act and it drives them crazy. lol
    So I can live with that. lol
    Angel breeder wanna-be

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    5 Not allowed!
    I've had similar experiences. I made my kids "work" from Day 1. All age appropriate stuff...they learn to pick up fold laundry...make a bed...DO dishes...vacuum, dust and clean...cook...mow the lawn...look after the livestock...shovel snow...blow snow...etc...

    I always thought this was a vital part of just learning how to manage a household...and in the bigger in

    Even they are surprised at how many of their classmates didn't do much, if any, of this.

    But of can't ever criticize someone's parenting. And of course, 'bad parents' always come back with 'I love my child!'. And you can't ever say anything after that as well. Although I still have to figure out why loving your child (as you should) is an excuse for bad parenting.

    Well...hopefully, the world won't come to an end with this generation
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    6 Not allowed!
    Joe, I don’t actively write other than poetry for my own amusement from time to time. It is good to be motivated in life. I think that is one of the things that many people lack as well.

    To quote JFK because he put it very nicely, "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win..."

    Jaster & Rue, I give props to the both of you for being good parents.
    Think with logic and rationality more than emotion. Act with moderation and consideration. Contemplate ideals and realistic goals and weigh out possibilities and options. Temper not with personal delusions or false hope but learn to accept and move on.

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    6 Not allowed!
    At 23, I'm still a kid with much to learn. I do happen to live on my own in an apartment my girlfriend and I pay for. $1601/month rent and everything else that comes in life including a 2015 Jeep and 2013 Mercedes car payments. My dog and puppy both enjoy (different types (one is puppy formula)) $100/30lbs of organic free-range dog food. They eat better than me!

    Most of my friends and peers do not know what it is like to stay current on bills and the struggles of life. I suspect they enjoy Bernie speeches. (Not to get political). It truly disgusts me, and is very annoying to see how peers among my age group and below live life. Bunch of whining little expect everything to be handed to them brats..

    I was at a friends [parent's] house over hearing his parents yell at him to put his clothes in the drier. Instead of putting the clothes in the direr he just turned on the drier and came back to hanging out with me in his room (Where we were plumbing that 90g). It's like dude you just wasted your time to piss off your dad later when he finds out you didn't even take out your clothes. I just don't get the attitude or how that's even a thing. Lazy generation

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    4 Not allowed!
    I have a 29 yr old son and he still thinks I pushed a little too hard as he was growing up. He was trained in laundry during his high school years in preparation for college - ironing included. But he's turned into a fine young man with a Master's in accounting and received 3 job offers as a senior in college, and is now working at one of those firms. He's currently studying for his CPA, and my only regret is he moved into his own place several months ago and I can't really continue to push lol.

    I have to admit we had a few tough years during high school where we were often at odds with each other so I decided to back off when he was a junior and let him manage his own responsibilities. Big mistake that fortunately I caught early on. Because he was at a private Catholic school, we got regular progress notes. Having been an honor roll student, he was suddenly sliding and near failing in all subjects. So after meeting with all of his teachers, who revealed he was just not completing most of his assignments, I took a couple of vacation hours off every afternoon for 2 weeks so I would be home when he got there. I made sure all missing assignments were completed and turned in along with the current work due. He was given credit for all of it and was able to make his way back onto the honor roll. Needless to say, he was "monitored" closely through graduation.

    When his first college didn't work out after 3 semesters and he came home for good at Christmas time, I told him to take a semester off, get a job and figure out what he wanted to do next. Well, after putting out a few resumes he sat around gaming on the PC waiting for someone to call him. So I told him to take the PC down and put it in my bedroom until he had a job. When I came home from work one day, the PC parts were scattered throughout my room - monitor here, keyboard there, CPU in the corner, etc. ha ha He had a job 3 days later.

  8. Default

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    I can relate to this topic as a supervisor I have to keep asking myself if I am expecting too much From these younger people? The answer I keep coming to is no they need to be held to the level of expectations as what the job demands. I have seen these young people come back to the same job over a year later as a temp employee. After they had their reality check and be great employees. In my opinion a lot of them were not challenged in school and had everything handed to them. Then they reach the workforce and expect to get paid for gracing us with their presents. We had to go as far as banning cell phones and other person devices. If I see you with it I give them the one warning to put it away. If after that I see it again I say either you can lock it up in my desk till break time or you can go home. Now if something is going on like they have a family member in the hospital I do allow them to have it out to stay in touch. It is just funny to me how many of the younger people turn around and leave. Thank you for letting me add my

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    I figured you might be a writer of poetry -- some of your language is poetic. I'm a poetess, so I can spot it right away.

    What sticks in my craw is how inconsiderate some parents can be where their kids are concerned. Our church has a cry room where parents can take their kids when they scream so they don't continue disrupting the services. Everyone knows about the cry room. But, do you think parents will USE it??? NOOOO!!! They just sit in the pews and let their kids scream at the top of their lungs, and do absolutely nothing about it! And if anyone dares complain about it, they're labeled as child-haters, or as being intolerant.

    I see it all the time -- rudeness everywhere. And not just in the kids, but in the so-called adults.

    I was in a store awhile back, and this girl who wanted a job there could only tell time with a digital clock. She couldn't read the clock face of a regular analog clock. If the numbers weren't flashing boldly on a screen in front of her face, she had no idea what time it was!

    A whole lot of people are going to be thoroughly lost if our nationwide power grid ever goes down. They won't know how to do simple arithmetic in their heads or with a pencil and paper. Their calculators won't work all of a sudden, and they'll be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

    I was impressed some time ago by this five-year-old boy who rushed ahead of me as I was entering a store and opened the door for me and held it open until I had entered. That was hopeful! This little kid was learning good manners early.

    So, just maybe, there's some hope for our society, after all?
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    2 Not allowed!
    We are going some point...have to strike a balance between being tolerant (which is important) and not feeling entitled to our own personal whims and fancies (which is important)...

    Good luck with that! :epiceyeroll:
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