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    Default "I Just Saw...." (Movie Reviews)

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    I just thought I'd start a thread that folks could post about what movie they just saw that they liked - or hated, lol.

    I just saw "Fortress".

    Good movie, if somewhat limited in scope. It follows one Bomber plane crew for what seems like 1 week. Good story, but it sure left you wanting more!

    I also seen a preview for "Warhorse", Lady H, I DO wanna see it too! I have the book and am wondering which I want to ingest first...
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    Saw Zookeeper last night. Slapstick type comedy...not my thing, but funny enough in general I didn't mind. Great visual effects with the animals, quite realistic.
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  3. Default

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    I just sw s
    herlock holmes a game of shadows. It did not suck but it came very close to it. Too much bang,boom,gee whiz not enough quality storytelling and acting. It was but a shadow of the first movie.

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    awww too bad, I was really looking forward to that one smaug. I hate it when they can't maintain a story over the sequels.
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  5. Default

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    They maintained the story but told it in a poor way with too much special effects.

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    I saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was good. This however is not a movie for everyone as it is fully deserving of the R rating.

    If you enjoyed the Swedish version, this is not better or worse, just different. In places its more faithful to the book, in others less faithful.

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    I just saw mission impossible, it was good. I liked it, just like all the other ones but with awesome effects. Still not better then the die hards, but that IMO.

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    Thumbs down 30 Minutes or Less

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    I just saw "30 minutes or less". Is some kind of foulmouthed idiotic style action/comedy. I would just stick in the "B" Movie section of the rental store. First, I live around Grand Rapids MI, so I know there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH GRAND RAPIDS IS PORTRAYED ACCURATELY IN THIS MOVIE!!! In no area of G.R is there a place a piece of junk car can drag race through down town G.R.
    Second, G.R.P.D. is not a gang of drunk driving imbeciles. They are very competent and they would shut your crime spree down in a very short amount of time. Third, where was the fake news coverage of the events??? This would have improved the movie! Fourth, Michiganians/Michiganders, don't go walking around shooting off foul language every millisecond just to get through a sentence. And LAST, NOT EVERY INCH OF MICHIGAN IS JUST LIKE DETROIT!!! It takes a really LAME story teller to imprint the flaws of JUST ONE city of a state and PAINT EVERY SECTION of the STATE in that SAME LIGHT!!! West Michigan (Where Grand Rapids is located) has it's very own separate culture than the extreme South Eastern Michigan. GR is NOT EQUAL to Detroit! GR would be more appropriate for Romantic Comedies and Inspirational Tales, than slap stick Crime Comedies and Crime Dramas.

    My final verdict: 30 Minutes or Less is a direct INSULT to the people of Michigan! It's appropriately titled, because 30 minutes is the most a reasonable person can withstand watching of this lousy insulting picture. The producers, directors, and story writers should be sued by the Michigan Government for the poor image it portrays of Michigan.

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    Smile ^^^^^ Vent ^^^^^

    0 Not allowed!
    Sorry all, that was a vent on the movie. Hope no one was offended.

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    All good. I got the point that you didn't like it...
    20gal long planted community

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