Hey all!

New fish keepers!

(I have a 2.5G goldfish tank, yes I know its way way way way too small but thats what I have now. and a 40G semi-aggressive tank which is my 1st real project!)

So I'm obviously addicted and wanted to know what is a nano-reef!

They seem so cool!

I go to college, so my little brother takes care of my fish for the most part (I havn't parted with my 40G yet so we'll see how that goes) but I deff. would be interested in setting-up one of these awesome things in my 2.5G tank! (Again, I gotta make a move with these gfs, they really are going to struggle in the 2.5G)

So I saw someone here has a really awesome 2.5, and even saw a 5G, so why can't I do the same?!?


Again, what is a nano-reef? Is it just coral, or is there fish/animals in there too? What do I need to set up one? And how would I set one up?

thanks all!