Well its been a long couple months, but she's done. Well ok, I do still want to swap the hob for a canister but thats it I swear. The layout and the stocking and everything else is done, now I just get to watch everybody grow.

Finally specs and stock list are:

Petco 29g Standard, DIY rimless
Aquaclear 50 (to be replaced my EHEIM 2213 on Friday)
200w Heater
ZooMed 48w T5HO with individual bulb control
Substrate is a mix of different aquarium safe sands, including some Aragonite sand.

9 Gold Ocellatus
1 Julidochromis
20 White Cloud Minnows
5 Nerite Snails
some MTS

2 Anubias
1 Cryp

I originally had a Calvus in there that I had to put in the big tank while the Occies settled in because he was being nasty. Now that they're settled and pretty nasty themselves I tried to move him back but he loves his new tank now and I cant catch him. So I guess no Calvus for now, which is ok because I think this stock works really well for the tank size and he fits in will in the big tank anyway.

Anyway video here:

Still not a videographer but its watchable. Drags a bit in the beginning but some good closeups start at 2:17 if it gets boring.

As usual let me know what you guys think!