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    Question 65g tang setup/stock

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    hey, so for christmas ive been looking to get myself a standard 65g (36x18x24). The filters that i would use are a penguin 350, and a rena xp3. My well waters natural pH is 8.5, so that shouldnt be a problem. Now, my problem is what to put in it. my favs. of this list are the calvus, the brichardi, and the leleupi.

    Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
    Neolamprologus sexfasciatus
    Altolamprologus compressicep
    Neolamprologus leleupi
    Lamprologus tretacephaleu
    Altolamprologus calvus
    Neolamprologus brichardi
    Julidochromis marlieri
    ??striped rapheal cat??

    With this list of species, what would my best bet for stocking be, while trying to have the most color, and activity?

    sand or gravel?
    plants or no plants? (fake)
    what kind of bottom dweller would work best? if i can have one at all.
    what kind of rock? can i use slate, or other flat ish stones to make caves?

    thanks for any info that you have, hope to hear from you soon,
    -to ask a question, and question its answer, or to not ask, for the answer is waiting for you to find?
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    5g betta tanks, and fry tanks

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    First thing I'd recommend would be a 75 rather than a 65; bigger is definitely better, and increases your options and chances of success.
    If you want brichardi, figure on a species tank because they'll take over the whole thing sooner or later anyway. They'll spawn, and spawn, and as the fry grow larger they'll help guard the new, smaller fry. As their numbers grow so does their territory, until there's nowhere left for other fish to get away from them. If they aren't killed outright they'll be stressed to death.
    The sexifasciatus and tret's don't play well with others either, particularly in a smaller tank. More likely to just kill other fish outright.
    Calvus are mellow, rather shy fish in general, will eat any fry they can catch. Comp's are pretty much the same all around.
    Leleupi are nasty, aggressive buggers, mainly popular for their color in spite of their nasty dispositions.

    From that list, in a 65 gallon tank, I'd recommend a pair of caudopunctatus and calvus OR compressiceps. If you prefer the Julie's a pair of those would work in place of the the caudo's. Julie's are rock-dwellers, caudo's are sort of opportunistic between rocks or shells, will use either one for spawning. The Julie's would be more likely to raise at least some fry successfully with the calvus in the tank. If you really must, you could try for a pair of leleupi, but they're the least likely to work out in the long run.

    Raphael cats really don't belong in a Tanganykian tank, a group of Synodontis petricola would be a better option. A BN pleco would be helpful for algae cleanup, none of those cichlids will touch it.

    Plants are optional, sand is easier to maintain/keep clean than gravel. Whatever rocks strike your fancy should be fine, limestone certainly won't bother the pH or the fish. Calvus and comp's like large shells for cover/spawning. Ceramic Cichlid Stones are a nice option, they provide good hiding places/cover as well as blending in with the real rocks well enough.

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