I'm Anya (Anastasia) and I hate it when people don't know about the animal they have even after they've had it for a while (it's happened to me before). I have a horse, Wilma, a 13 year old bay Paint horse, who was abused and is a rescue, and I adopted her for free and board her for free at a stable under 2 minutes by car from my house! I'm lucky~
I have a 10 year old Tibetan Terrier named Butch who is the coolest dog EVER and loves to run in the woods around my house with me and do "horse show jumping" in my backyard!
My 2 kitties are Pumpkin, a superfat, short, small "barrelcat", around 7 years old, picked up as a stray a long time ago! She meows ALL THE TIME because she wants to be outside, but the last time that happened she got really sick from eating something (poison???) and the vet bill was about 1000 USD... -.-"
There is a mosquito buzzing around my room, but I'm under my bedsheets and am too cozy to smush it, so when I wake up there'll be a million little bites on my face.
Simon the Longcat is a black -with teeny white star on his chest- Bombey cat and he's 3 feet long, hence Longcat. I got him over the Summer when he showed up at my door, meowing his head off. He was so skinny I fed him cat food and fell in love with his declawed kneady/snuggliness. He's so cute :) He also drools when he kneads, lol.
Angel is a blue budgie with white belly patches and black stripes on his head. I got him for Christmas of '08 because my beloved Cockatiel (RIP COOKIE) that I accidentally tamed when I was 4 died of mysterious illness. Angel is the sweetest little guy ever, and makes ridiculous noises where I suspect he's trying to mimic my speech but fails miserable and still looks adorable. He loves to sit on me and -poop- on my shoulders.
Sky is an evil, slightly overweight white budgie with blue belly spots I got as a rescue in '09. My uncle got him from a teacher whose 5 year old son wasn't taking care of his bird (hmmm, I wonder why?? *sarcasm*) and he gave him to me because I love birds. Though she's sweet, when she sits on my hands she goes into random, jerky, twitchy biting fits and bites everything in sight.... usually tender fingers.
Finally... MY FISH!
This Summer I was begging for a fish, and my mother finally broke down and let me get a goldfish "if you take care of it yourself and I never have to put my hands in the tank". So one Summer day at Olive Garden when my family finished eating my Dad brought me to a Petstore where I expected to buy a perfectly adorable baby Fantail goldfish... but of course there were 5 or 6 white "fantails" (that's the store's label) that looked suspiciously fat and like Pearlscales. So I decided that because I wanted the cutest fish possible, and that Pearlscales are adorably fat and friendly, I bought the chubbiest white Pearlscale I could find. So she's albino, with blue eyes and kinda see-through skin, and the employee handled her a bit roughly, so the bottom of the tail fins are bent... BUT SHE'S SO CUTE!!!
I kept her in a 1 gallon tank for a week because there was a giant mystery crack in my 10 gallon tank. So I got the tank, added pebbles, rocks, filters, airstones, plants, etc, etc. She looked so tiny but now she's 2 inches long including her tail, and fatter than ever.
So one day at Pet Supplies Plus I was looking at the Black Moor tank (the fish I wanted to add to my aquarium) and they were the VERY SAME Moors that had been with my little Pearl when I bought her! They had grown a bit, too. So I looked for the most pathetic one (the pity purchase...), which was not hard to find, seeing as he had shredded fins and his belly was only 1/4 inch wide... I bought him along with a Blue Mystery Snail.
So Houston lives with Pearl, and he's about 1/2 inch bigger than her now. His belly is nearly double the size too because I pity his poor eyesight and feed him pellets and flakes by hand.
So right now they're nibbling on the Anacharis (feeding time soon) and looking adorable as usual. Also, I've heard that Moors are more "obnoxious" and playful than most goldfish. I often see him following Pearl around and nudging at her rear. Pearl can swim surprisingly fast, and she makes no effort to go away. He doesn't nibble at her, just bump her. It's kinda cute. They never fought when I introduced them. What kinda behavior is this??
Anyway, when I find a reasonably priced 30 gallon tank (Craigslist is that place) I'll buy it and "relocate" my fishies so they can grow from nursery to mansion.

Now that you have read my painfully descriptive "hello" you can say HI to me xD
Thanks for reading it, though