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    Oct 2009
    fort collins colorado

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    Default 15 gal figure 8 setup help

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    Hello friends!
    I am going to be adding a third tank to my collection this year. My son has been asking for a puffer fish, so I have started the research and have a few questions on tank set up.
    1: what kind of substrate should i use? sand?

    2: the only thing I can find at the LFS is Green spotted puffer or figure 8 puffer. both are brackish water fish. witch one should I go with? and is a single fish okay? (really wanted a dwarf or pea puffer) will mix bumble bee golby in as well with plenty of hiding spaces.

    3: I am seeding a filter off my well established FW tank, will the brackish water kill the the good stuff on the filter?

    4: live plants in brackish water, is it worth the hassle or will the salt kill them?

    thanks Aaron
    29 gal- 1 Koi angel, 2 banjo cats, dojo loach, 2 rasboras. double aqua clear filtered

    10gal- 4 zebra danios, 3 cardinal tetras, black and yellow striped loach

    15gal-3 dwarf puffers and 3 ghost shrimp.

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    Oct 2011
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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    You needed one! - korith   :) - Aminax   A frog for frog help^^ - blu   


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    I have dwarf pea puffers in a planted tank with eco-complete substrate.

    They're really cute and fun and no brackish water issues, they're totally freshwater.

    I feed them snails and they are doing well, and helping my big tank's snail problems.

    I can't answer your other questions, but that's what I know!

    Thing is, I'm not sure how many peas, or any puffer for that matter, you could have in a 15 gal. With pea puffers it's max 3 from what I've read and seen on the AC, because of aggression. Planting densely helps, mine are happy!
    African Dwarf Frogs, Betta, Dwarf Chain Loaches, Otocilclus, Ember Tetras, Amano Shrimp in one magical 31 gallon tank

    Two pea puffers in another tank!

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    Dec 2009

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    You needed one! - korith   


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    I have a walmart puffer in a 10 gal. tank, sand bottom, lots of plants, and he puts up with a couple of little red platies, or they put up with him. I had a cory cat in with him for a while, but the cat never seemed comfortable with the arrangement. I run only a little salt, one table spoon per five gallon minimum and the puffer has been doing well now for a year. I feed the puffer sun dried krill and whatever flake food he will eat on the side.

    My current preference would be for a bigger tank and more fish. Little fish get on well enough with the puffer if they are fast swimmers and have a lot of hiding places. What I would really like at this point, also, is some kind of bottom feeder to go with the puffer. Bumble bee golby's would be neat, except they seem to be more fussy about food then even the puffer. At least that is what I read.

    Any ideas about a bottom feeder?

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    Dec 2011
    Missouri, USA

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    I would be careful with anything with a green spotted puffer. One of the meanest little fish I have ever seen. :) (I've been bitten by them several times) But they are a neat fish to watch. good luck with your puffer selection.

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    Jul 2010

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    You needed one! - korith   


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    well 15 gallons is the minimum for one figure 8 puffer, green spotted needs 30 min.
    green spotted also requires moderate brackish to marine as an adult.

    figure 8 puffer can be kept in lightly brackish to moderate brackish.

    Of the two id go with figure 8 if your going brackish and get sand substrate.

    But i always see pea puffers around, if you want those then just wait a bit im sure they will turn up at your local fish store, fo complete freshwater for them

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