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  1. Default Dotted line down side of comet goldfish

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    I am seeking assistance on another post on this forum, however this morning I have noticed my comet has a line of dots down one of his sides. These are all in a line and start at his gills and go right down to his tail fin. He also appears to be suffering from a very slight buoyancy problem.

    As I have said in the other post I am doing regular water changes, however does anyone know what could be wrong with my fish?

    I would like to add that I feed him frozen bloodworms twice per week, other than that his diet consists of Tetra goldfish flakes.

    Any help appreciated.


  2. Default

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    That's most likely his lateral line. All fish have them. They help the fish feel water movements so they can tell if something is sneaking up on them. My goldfish's lateral line just showed up one day and stayed like that. As for the bouyancy problem, goldfish are gluttons, and sometimes mine would swallow some air or tiny pieces of gravel and it would mess up his balance.
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    HLLE ? Never heard of this in goldfish but not sure why it can't be possible for them just as well as cichlids.

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    Yep i agree, sounds like the fishes lateral line.

    The bouyancy problems are a separate issue
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